The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

Command Center

Seed Of Destruction

Alan Carter in front of the computer panels.

The computer wall comprises five 4 x 8 foot panel frames, each made up of sixteen 2 x 1 foot individual panels. These frames are identical in dimensions and construction to the computer banks in Year 1, with only the central coloured panels being completely new. Unlike Main Mission, the panels are arranged with a right-angled corner. Near the front of Command Center the computer panels are black. In the centre is a bank of yellow, orange and red panels. Towards the back of Command Center the panels are grey.

All the individual panels have variations of a simple 7 x 4 grid of coloured lights. Over the basic grid are added non-functional buttons, flip-switches and round lights, and coloured Letraset lines and boxes.

Like NASA's current International Space Station and Space Shuttle control panels, the Alpha "computer panels" probably contain both computers, life support systems, communications and other avionics.

Photos by Robin Hill of Command Center set during The Dorcons, 9 December 1976


Close up of the more colourful panels; the top one has labels "Trim" and "Yaw". Maya is operating the "Gravity Generator". There are reference photos of the computer panels in the Catacombs.

The Exiles Seed Of Destruction Journey To Where Journey To Where The Dorcons

In the colourful panels in the centre of the computer wall, one of the panels changes. Under the orange panel was originally a green striped panel, similar to the one to the right. It can be seen in The Metamorph, The Exiles, and One Moment of Humanity. In Journey To Where this changes to a red "computer read out" I/O panel, to print hard copy data. This panel remains until the end of the series.

The Exiles

Tony Verdeschi hooks up the underground research area equipment to Main Computer in The Exiles.

Journey To Where Journey To Where The Dorcons

Supporting staff are mainly responsible for checking the wall computers

The Dorcons

Supporting staff carry clipboards which they check against the panels (here in front of the "Satellites" panel).

Seed Of Destruction

A close up of the "Satellites" panel.

A lot of publicity photos were taken during The Metamorph

Koenig Metamorph vest Helena publicity Publicity

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