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by Martin Willey

Command Center Big Screen

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The "Big Screen" in Command Center is adapted from the one used in Main Mission, and similarly dominates the room. As in Year 1, it is mainly used for viewing images and live video from long range telescopes and Eagle landing crews.

The Metamorph Brian The Brain New Adam, New Eve

Video broadcasts and messages from alien civilisations are also shown on the Big Screen. In addition, it can be used for displaying navigation star charts (One Moment of Humanity, The Taybor) and data files (images and text) stored in the Alpha memory banks (Brian the Brain).

The Exiles Journey To Where Space Warp The Rules Of Luton

As in Year 1, a SFX replica of the Big Screen is often used for special effects screenshots. It is a fairly good replica, mostly recognisable by the plain borders either side (no illuminated panels on the left or lower ceiling on the right side). Other minor differences include: the illuminated figures in the border are different, and the right-most yellow roundel at the top has a slightly different design. In some episodes (like Journey To Where) the shots are close and fairly convincing; in others episodes (The Exiles), wider views betray the lack of set panels around it.

The test card screen is similar to the Year 1 design, modified to say "Command Center"

click for larger image (298k) The Seance Spectre The Seance Spectre

The Big Screen is lower than in Main Mission (just 5 foot/ 1.52m above the floor instead of 7 foot / 2.13m).

Seed Of Destruction Space Warp The Seance Spectre

The central panels under the Big Screen are the same as in Main Mission. The four cathode ray tube displays are used infrequently, mostly for video calls within Alpha as well as displaying alarms ("Evacuate" in The Seance Spectre, Red/Yellow Alert in various episodes). Computer data is only shown occasionally (The Immunity Syndrome) and unlike Year 1, no medical data or external views of Alpha are shown. When not in use, all monitors either display the Command Center test card or a checkerboard pattern.

The Exiles

The side panels under the Big Screen are new designs. The left one is labelled "X5 Computer" (like the year 1 and 2 standard computer panels); it is mainly used for obtaining hard copy printouts of computer data (the Exiles). Similar "Computer Read Out" I/O panel units appear elsewhere, e.g. Life Support (Seed of Destruction) and the Command Center main computer wall (Journey to Where).

Seed Of Destruction The Metamorph The Metamorph

The right side panel is labelled "Command Centre Computer" (with the British spelling; the double doors at the back have the American spelling). Like the left-side panel, it consists of unlabelled yellow,red and white touchpad keys and a hard copy printout unit (located at lower right; it is used by Sandra in the Seance Spectre to print out telemetry data from Koenig's Eagle). In the Metamorph, Annette Fraser feeds the mineral compositions telemetry data into Command Centre computer by pushing the yellow touchpad keys at upper left.

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