The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

Command Center

Space Warp

Command Center was the control room for Moonbase Alpha in Year 2, replacing Main Mission. Many of the Year 1 set elements are reused, including the Big Screen and the arches. The computer panels are new, and more colourful (they were created for Into Infinity).

Unlike Year 1, the principal characters rarely interact directly with the computer walls (Maya performs some operations in Journey to Where and The Immunity Syndrome). Tasks such as retrieving information from the main computer memory banks are instead carried out using the computer desk terminals. The supporting cast is however frequently seen checking the positions of the Main Computer switches using checklists.

The four principal desks have Domani swivel chairs, like Koenig's but without a headrest. The side desks have Gaudi chairs (as in Year 1).

The Metamorph

The first view of Command Center in The Metamorph. Looking from Koenig's desk forwards. Note the drinks machine to the left. On Koenig's desk you can see a calculator (a Decimo Timemachine), an orange ash tray (Kartell) and a Tizio lamp.

The A B Chrysalis

The Decimo Timemachine calculator migrates across the desks during the series, as do other props such as the binoculars.

The Seance Spectre

At the rear is Koenig's desk, with his back to the main entrance doors and the corridor outside.

The Beta Cloud

A view of the new computer wall. The colourful panels are from the spaceship in Into Infinity. Note the small trolley and Boby cart, which also accompanied the Main Mission computer.

One Moment Of Humanity

A view showing the filing cabinet by the arches.

The Bringers Of Wonder part 1

In The Bringers Of Wonder part 1 we see that medical monitors are strategically placed throughout Alpha to monitor patients. It doesn't work well in this episode, so understandably this is never seen again in Command Center.

The Taybor

The side arch.

Brian The Brain

The side arch with the Alpha Log Recorder replacing the filing cabinet.

Left wall

The left side wall of Command Center is rarely seen, as the camera was almost invariably on that side. Unlike Main Mission, the set was designed and built without the left side. Only in a few specific scenes was the wall required- usually for a reverse shot between two characters looking at each other. In these cases, they simply filmed against the right wall, covered in computers, turning a desk around if required. The overall plan of the room must be a zig-zag. Shots are seen in The Metamorph (shots of Tony during a conversation with Sandra), Brian the Brain (reverse shots of Tony at his desk), and several shots in The A B Chrysalis. In The Dorcons, we see a small segment of wall that should be on the left side, with plain panels.

The Lambda Factor

In The Lambda Factor we see a plain moonbase wall in the corner by the doors. If this wall continued straight to the front, there would not be room for the side desks.

The Dorcons

In The Dorcons the room is wider, but we don't see the left wall.

The Metamorph Brian The Brain Brian The Brain

There are several reverse shots in The A B Chrysalis

The A B Chrysalis The A B Chrysalis

In the first shot, Glenda Allen is on the side desk (right). Her close up shot shows the left wall- identical to the computers and arch of the right wall.

The A B Chrysalis

A reverse angle of Koenig, looking across from his desk towards Helena, on the other side of the Command Center doors.

The A B Chrysalis

Another reverse angle of Yasko, in the front left desk.

The Dorcons

In The Dorcons, Helena has her back to the computers, and the left wall appears as plain panels behind Maya.

Keith Wilson set plan

Keith Wilson set design

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