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by Martin Willey

Boby cart

The Taybor

The Boby storage cart. It is normally seen by the computer wall in Main Mission and Command Center. During year 1 the central section is usually black (made by combining the sections of a white cart with a black version). Alan Carter throws one across Main Mission in Collision Course. It was designed by Italian designer Joe Colombo for Bieffeplast in 1971. Colombo also designed the Elda chair seen on Moonbase Alpha.
The cart is still sold, mainly as storage for artist's materials. In the US it is sold by Alvin under the name "Rover Mobile Taboret". It is 73cm tall and 43cm x 40cm wide. It also appeared in Star Trek The Next Generation, often in Medical, in the 4th season (1990) to the 6th season (1993)

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Below: A Boby cart

Boby Boby

Tom Cruise uses a Boby storage cart in the 2013 film Oblivion.

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