The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
by Martin Willey

Essential services hatch

The Essential Services button is used to reduce Alpha's power to minimal life support capacity. It is hidden behind a hatch in a computer panel. The panel, and other closely related switches, are located at various points around Alpha.

The "Auxiliary services only" button in Main Mission is seen in Guardian Of Piri, and the "Essential services only" in Computer Room is seen in Space Brain. The function is also run in Black Sun but the button is not seen (the panel is present, so the scene was probably cut). The "Atmosphere Control" is seen in One Moment Of Humanity. An unidentified power button is seen in the Power Room in The A B Chrysalis. A "Destruct" button is seen in Voyager's Return. The "Do Not Open" dial is seen in the Nuclear Power Station in Earthbound.

Black Sun Black Sun

The panel first appears in Black Sun in the Computer Room. It appears on either side of the computer column (in reality, the column only had one side, and they turned it round for the shot in the side corridor).


Earthbound: this hatch opens the concealed life support core in the Main Power Unit. Here the hatch is labelled "DO NOT OPEN"


Earthbound: there is a dial rather than buttons

Guardian Of Piri Guardian Of Piri

Auxiliary Services in Guardian Of Piri

Voyager's Return

Voyager's Return: the self-destruct button on the Voyager class of spaceships. The label is "DESTRUCT". The whole panel is upside down compared to other appearances.

Voyager's Return

Voyager's Return: note the panel is upside down here.

Space Brain Space Brain

Space Brain: the Computer Room Essential services button

Space Brain

Space Brain: the text reads "Computer Master Switch", "Essential Services Only".

Space Brain

Space Brain: Koenig activates the programme.

One Moment Of Humanity

One Moment Of Humanity: the hatch closed.

One Moment Of Humanity

One Moment Of Humanity: a good close up. To depressurise Moonbase Alpha, press the middle button.

One Moment Of Humanity

One Moment Of Humanity: otherwise this is the same panel.

One Moment Of Humanity

One Moment Of Humanity: When Tony switches it back on (using the down arrow, not the "on" button), the yellow light comes on.

The A B Chrysalis The A B Chrysalis

The A B Chrysalis: in the Power Room, it is now the "Power Control".

Space Warp

In Space Warp, it can be seen amongst red panels in the Launch Area Control Room, alongside a green panel that used to appear in Command Center for three early episodes.

The Beta Cloud

In The Beta Cloud it is in Techlab 5 (upside down again)

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