The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey


A variety of instrument displays appear in the series. See also prop labels.

Emergency Procedure

Space Warp Black Sun click for larger image (31k)

Emergency Procedure

In the advent of an emergency
press red button on side B of
your comlock. The activator in
the pannel on your left will
then open to reveal the emergency
red handle which operates the
escape hatchway apparatus. Turn
the handle to position A in either
direction. Secondary level space
suits can be found in lockers
B1 and C2.

The "Emergency Procedure" notice is ubiquitous throughout Alpha, in Eagles and in the Travel Tube. Close up Note the curious spelling of "pannel", the use of "advent" for "event".

Fire Emergency Procedure

click for larger image (31k)

"Procedure" is misspelled. Note it complies with "B.S 1382"- a British Standard for fire extinguishers.

Fire Emergency

B.5.emergency alarm will
operate with removal of this

Replace after use. Corrosion inhibitor
supplied with cartridge.

Temperature range 32°F to 240°F
Tested 100 lbs/SQ in
Complies with B.S. 1382 O.4.2

Fire Emergency Procedure

Dragon's Domain

Alternative sign seen inside the Eagle passenger module (there are no applicances nearby, only the video screens and weapons racks). "Coding" is misspelled.

Fire Emergency

The removal of either
of these appliances
automatically sets B5
emergency signals
into operation.

Blue codeing operates
on B5.
Green codeing operates
on A Q.
Silver codeing only on B4
and services.

Air lock decontamination proceedure

Image thanks to Mark Shaw Space Warp

Air lock

Remove outer clothing and place
in bin. Use comlock in Gieger Mode
by pressing blue button. When
count falls to normal, exit using
standard proceedure.

This sign appears in Space Warp. "Procedure" is misspelled (twice), as is "Geiger".

Pressure Differential

The Last Sunset The Last Enemy

Pressure Differential. High - Balanced - Low

This "pressure differential" sign appears both in The Last Sunset and The Last Enemy in airlocks. You would expect an airlock to have "low" pressure (to open to the vacuum of the lunar surface), and "balanced" (the same as normal Alphan atmosphere). But why would the airlock ever have "high" pressure?

Protein Store

The Testament Of Arkadia

Protein store combination. It's 40980428

Life Support Systems Indicator

Seed Of Destruction

Seed Of Destruction: the life support systems indicator. Evidently there are 12 systems.

Temperature Centigrade

Catacombs Of The Moon Catacombs Of The Moon Catacombs Of The Moon

The temperature readings are from -5 to 50 C in 5 degree gradations. It appears in the Explosives Room in Catacombs Of The Moon: in long shots it has no text, but in close up the caption "Temperature Centigrade" is readable. The version of the sign in Medical in Catacombs Of The Moon does not have the text .

The Beta Cloud The Beta Cloud The Beta Cloud

It is later featured in The Beta Cloud. The temperature monitor in The Beta Cloud in Medical Centre is captioned "Medical Temperature Control Unit" in some scenes. The temperature guage in Medical Centre stays up to The Lambda Factor; in The Seance Spectre and later episodes, it is gone.

Fire Point 23a

The Beta Cloud The Beta Cloud


High Pressure

The Beta Cloud: This is the only fire point we see in the series, although small extinguishers appear alongside doors in Year 2. The two small signs are the ubiquitous "Emergency Procedure" ("press red button on side B of your comlock") and "Fire Emergency Procedure". Carbon Dioxide is run together as one word (it should be two). The hose is retractable. Note the large blocks at the base of the panel.

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