The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

Medical- Year 2

Space Warp

Just one principal design of Medical Centre (or rather "Center") appeared in Year 2. The computer panels at the head of beds are a new white design. The set may represent several medical wards which are variations of the same design.

Operations are performed on the red diagnostic chair in front of normal patient beds. The communications post is rarely seen (The Metamorph and The Beta Cloud) and shifts in position depending on camera angle. One wall, the normal camera position, is rarely seen (we have a glimpse of some panels in Mark of Archanon and The Beta Cloud). Dorzak shows a much longer version of the same room with a side observation room.

The Metamorph

Our first view of the new Medical, in The Metamorph. The illuminated panels are blue- except in a few episodes (Seed of Destruction and The Beta Cloud, and the operation scenes in Catacombs of the Moon)


The Beta Cloud

Detail of the end bed, against the wall. There are three sets of medical computers, but normally only two beds. A third bed doesn't appear until The A-B Chrysalis,

The Mark Of Archanon

In The Mark of Archanon and Bringers Of Wonder there is only one bed, at the end. In the early scenes in The Mark of Archanon, and the operating theatre scene in Catacombs of the Moon there are no beds. In Dorzak there are four beds along the wall.

The Beta Cloud

In The Beta Cloud there is another bed against the opposite wall (with no computer panel behind). We also see another view of the room with a further two beds (although this is a cheat, see below).

The Beta Cloud

The extra The Beta Cloud bed. Throughout the series, on the central part of the curved wall there is a blank panel - perhaps hiding an earlier door panel.

Space Warp

Note the end bed (on the left here) is not squarely against the medical computers. There is often a Pileo floor lamp in the corner, which pushes it away from the wall.

The Seance Spectre

The beds are normally aligned to medical computer walls, but sometimes they are shifted. This is an extreme example, in The Seance Spectre, with Stevens moved up to the blue light panel, and Eva only half aligned to the computer.

Medical Computers

The Exiles

In The Metamorph and The Exiles, the computer displays are the same three-screen design as in Year 1. Below, the left-most panel is new (prop photos). The right-most panel is a repainted version of a year 1 medical panel (labelled "Blood Transfusion"). The new medical computer panels are white instead of black (or more precisely, a creamy white instead of dark grey). Both Annette Fraser and Cantar are in the second bed, and the screens have the label "Medical Computer 2"; presumably the one by the wall is "1" and the other, barely glimpsed behind the communications post, is "3".

The Beta Cloud

In Journey to Where and subsequent episodes, two smaller screens replace them.

Catacombs Of The Moon Dorzak

Details of the two screen design.

The Lambda Factor Dorzak

The three screen design appears again in The Lambda Factor, and in the Dorzak observation room.

Space Warp

One of the new medical panels. This design also appears on two mobile trolleys.
Sketch of this design.

The Beta Cloud

More details of the computer panels

Space Warp

More details.

Laser Control Unit X5

Dorzak Dorzak

The curved computer unit hanging from the ceiling ("Laser Control Unit X5") was first seen in Space Brain and in three different sets in Dragon's Domain.

The Beta Cloud

Detail of the hanging computer control and one of the Medical monitors. An Ergastolo folding screen is always behind the Medical monitors (hiding the cable and power source).

The A B Chrysalis

For the most of the series, it is positioned at the back of the room. Often in front there is a red treatment chair (identical to an Eagle pilot chair, which is in reality a dentist chair). Often it is not present (it is not in The Metamorph; it first appears in The Exiles in certain scenes only). There are two red diagnostic chairs in Medical in both The Mark of Archanon and Dorzak.

The Lambda Factor

In The Lambda Factor it has moved forward, to the end of the second bed. It moves back for the next episode, The Seance Spectre.


Finally in Dorzak, it has moved forward again, in front of the door.

The Immunity Syndrome

In The Immunity Syndrome it is back to its first position, at the back of the room.


The A B Chrysalis

Medical monitors and drug trays are cluttered around.

Seed Of Destruction

The Pileo floor lamps make an appearance.

The Beta Cloud

A Giano Vano Ruote telephone table between the beds.

Catacombs Of The Moon Space Warp Dorzak Dorzak Dorzak The Immunity Syndrome

The scanning lamp on an articulated arm first appears in Catacombs Of The Moon, and remains fixed to the wall for most episodes. In Dorzak it moves to a column in the centre of the room. In The Immunity Syndrome it has moved back to its old position.

Observation Room

Dorzak Dorzak

The Dorzak observation room.


In the main Medical Center, the observation room beyond.


The main Medical Center is modified by adding a fourth bed (note the one on the end loses the computer unit).


The layout of the larger Medical Center.

Door area

Journey To Where

The main door is a single sliding door, unusually in the centre of a 8 foot/ 2.44m section (either side is a plain flat wall, not a standard Alphan pattern).

The Exiles

Seen first in The Exiles, the door has "Emergency Procedure" labels by the door control panel; in later episodes these are on the other side, some distance from the door frame, often obscured by foreground furnishings.

The Mark Of Archanon

In The Mark of Archanon a red sticker appears above the door control panel, and will remain there throughout the series.

Catacombs Of The Moon

Catacombs of the Moon.

The Beta Cloud The Beta Cloud The Beta Cloud

After The Beta Cloud there is also a ventilation grille and a temperature gauge (which first appeared in Catacombs of the Moon on the fourth wall, see below). It is captioned "Medical Temperature Control Unit", or in close-ups, "Temperature Centigrade".

Space Warp Space Warp Space Warp

In Space Warp, an alarm button appears. It has a transparent cover which must be pulled out before the button can be pressed. Under the life support/temperature gauge is a Pileo floor lamp with a red bulb.

The Bringers Of Wonder part 1 The Bringers Of Wonder part 1 The Bringers Of Wonder part 2

In The Bringers of Wonder, the alarm button is gone.

The Lambda Factor The Seance Spectre Dorzak

The grille and temperature gauge are still there in The Lambda Factor, but disappear in The Seance Spectre. They do not appear in Dorzak or The Immunity Syndrome


The A B Chrysalis The Beta Cloud The Beta Cloud

The Medical Center has a single door, off the main corridor. There is a "Computer Room" to the side, and across the corridor is the Weapons Section.

Fourth wall

The Mark Of Archanon Space Warp

Some shots of the door show the corner to the far wall, as here in The Mark of Archanon and Space Warp.

Catacombs Of The Moon

In Catacombs of the Moon, the room is shorter.

Catacombs Of The Moon

In Catacombs of the Moon, there is a temperature gauge. Later (in The Beta Cloud) it will move to wall by the door.

Seed Of Destruction

In Seed of Destruction Helena and Vincent look at the fourth wall and see this Life Support Systems Indicator.

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2

In Bringers Of Wonder, they look at this screen on the fourth wall.

We see more of the wall in Mark of Archanon, with the screen from the Command Office

The Mark Of Archanon The Mark Of Archanon
The Beta Cloud

In The Beta Cloud we see the fourth wall, with another bed. Actually these are beds 2 and 3 from the regular layout, with a corner added between them.

The Lambda Factor

In The Lambda Factor, we see a corner of the room. In other shots in this episode, the reverse shots are faked by moving the camera 90 degrees, so we see the bed wall, or the door wall.


Keith Wilson set design

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