The CatacombsThe Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey


Numerous Medical rooms were shown in Year 1; in Year 2 just one principal design appeared. A list of the various rooms is shown below.

Medical Areas:
Helena's Office Breakaway
Autopsy Room Matter Of Life And Death
Another Time, Another Place (revamp of Diagnostic Unit)
Care Unit 3 Matter Of Life And Death, Ring Around The Moon
Diagnostic Unit Breakaway
Diagnostic Unit Earthbound
Diagnostic Unit Guardian Of Piri
Diagnostic Unit Missing Link (revamp of Command Office)
Diagnostic Unit Another Time, Another Place
Intensive Care Unit Black Sun
Intensive Care Unit End Of Eternity (incl observation area)
Intensive Care Unit Space Brain (incl observation area)
Intensive Care Unit-Isolation Breakaway (incl observation area)
Medical Unit Alpha Child (incl observation area)
Medical Voyager's Return
Medical Collision Course
Medical Centre War Games
Medical Centre The Full Circle
Medical Centre End Of Eternity
Medical Centre The Troubled Spirit (incl observation area)
Medical Centre Dragon's Domain (incl observation area)
Medical Centre Security Wing Force Of Life (incl observation area)
Medical Center Secure Unit The Bringers Of Wonder part 1 (revamp Living Quarters)
Medical Center Year 2 The Metamorph, The Exiles, One Moment Of Humanity, Journey To Where, The Mark Of Archanon, The A B Chrysalis, Catacombs Of The Moon, The Beta Cloud, Space Warp, The Bringers Of Wonder, Dorzak (including intensive care unit), The Lambda Factor, The Seance Spectre
Medical Experimental Catacombs Of The Moon (revamp of power room)
Medical Stores The Lambda Factor (revamp of travel tube reception)

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