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Autopsy Room

Matter Of Life And Death

The Autopsy Room appears briefly in Matter Of Life And Death. Although we only see a little of it on screen, much more was built including a communications post.

We see other autopsy rooms in Another Time, Another Place (revamp of Diagnostic Unit from the same episode), in End of Eternity (revamp of Intensive Care in the same episode) and The Troubled Spirit (Medical Centre in the same episode).

Matter Of Life And Death Matter Of Life And Death

Note the double doors at the head of the bed. They were open in the shot of the door sign, but are closed here. There's a Giano ashtray on the left of the frame. In the episode, we only see the lighted wall behind Mathias, and the wall up to the door.

Matter Of Life And Death

After Russell's body has disappeared, the bed has shifted forward in relation to the doors, and the medicine rack is upright and restocked with bottles.

Publicity shot, apparently from the double doors. There's another single door on the left wall; neither this wall or the facing wall are seen on screen. The body is on a gurney (stretcher), not on the autopsy table. In the script, scenes 38A and B have an orderly push the trolley into the autopsy room and leave the body. This occurs at the start of act three (before Koenig and Victor's discussion- "Victor, we're running out of time."). The scene we see is 55A.

Matter Of Life And Death

Unseen in the episode, this picture shows more of the wall opposite the double doors. The communications post does not have a designation letter. The wall to the right is where Mathias and his assistant are thrown; in that scene the communications post must have been removed.

Wall plans by Craig Rohloff. Mathias and his assistant are thrown to the top left corner here. The walls on the bottom and right are seen in the publicity shots, not in the episode. The top right corner is not seen in any views.

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