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Medical Office


Helena's office appears once in Breakaway. We never see it again- Helena prefers to use a desk in a medical ward. See plan below.

Breakaway Breakaway

Helena at her desk. There are four windows in a row. On the window shelves, she has two plastic human figures, the Visible Man and Woman


Helena's compound binocular microscope. "Donnelmeyer, 1887. As used by Louis Pasteur and Madame Curie." "It's a replica. A college prize." It stands on a Demetrio 45 stacking table.


The lightbox, for viewing X-rays and other translucent medical imagery. The lever at the base suggests this is adapted from a microfilm reader. In Space: 1999, screens are rare, but non-digital imagery would be a useful, secure backup medium.


The wall facing Helena is unusual. On the left is a conventional curved corner, then the door, then, behind Koenig, we see two more curved corners, placed "flat" against the wall. Inbetween them is a Z-27 Etagere, a shelf stand for displaying ornaments. The white dome on top is a Pallade lamp; below is a molecular "ball and stick" model. The ball-and-stick models are also seen in Bergman's quarters and Care Unit 3.


Just beyond the curved corners is a computer wall.


Filming the scene, on 8th January 1974. Left to right, behind the camera is lighting cameraman Frank Watts, in front focus puller Mike Tomlin, grip Michael Beauchamp (with beard), clapperboard Paul Turtle (back to camera), director Lee Katzin. We see in front of Helena on the desk is a Pio Manzu Kartell box.

Another behind the scenes shot shows the desk more clearly. Standing at the corner of the desk is director Lee Katzin, talking to Bruce Gyngell (deputy chairman of ATV) and producer Sylvia Anderson.

This corner of the room is largely hidden by the desk on screen. Note Helena's desk is raised on a wooden block. Assistant director Ken Baker stands next to a Ribbon Chair and a Pileo floor lamp.

Breakaway Thanks to Mark Shaw.

In these publicity photos, the two Visible Man figures are on one window shelf. In the episode, they are separated.

Some publicity photos of Koenig. The microscope has been put into the Etagere, replacing the ball-and-stick model. The computer panels have been moved around compared to the brief view we see in the episode, so the set may have been rebuilt for re-filming.


The wall on the right is only seen at the corners- one end in the background of the shot of the lightbox, the other in the publicity shot of Koenig above. It is possible there is a communications post there- we see a bottom corner in the shot of the lightbox. Thanks to Craig Rohloff for wall elevations.

wall floor plan wall
window wall

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