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by Martin Willey

Visible Man and Woman

Force Of Life

The Visible Man and Visible Woman were popular plastic kits in the US and UK. First created by the American company Renwal in 1959, they have been regularly reissued under various brand names, including Revell in the 1970s (H-900 and H-901), and more recently Skillcraft (74622 and 74623). There were also a variety of other anatomy kits, from human heads to pigeons and horses. The kits were unpainted, and encased the organs and skeleton in a clear plastic shell. There were no genitals, although the Visible Woman did have an option, the "Miracle of Creation", to display her as pregnant. The interior organs could be painted, but Helena's figures are unpainted plastic and do not have stands.

Revell H900 Visible Man

The Revell H900 Visible Man box art.


In Breakaway, Helena keeps the figures on the window shelves in her office.

Force Of Life

In Force Of Life, Helena has the figures on her desk in a medical ward.

The Full Circle

In The Full Circle, Helena has the visible man on her desk in a medical ward.

The Exiles

They are in Helena's quarters in The Exiles

One Moment Of Humanity

In One Moment of Humanity, we have a brief glimpse of the visible man and woman on the desk in Helena's quarters.

The Bringers Of Wonder part 1

In Bringers Of Wonder part 1, the visible man is alone on a desk in a medical ward.

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