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by Martin Willey

Diagnostic Unit 2

Guardian Of Piri

Diagnostic Unit in Guardian Of Piri is mostly a standard medical ward, with a solid bank of computers.

Filmed on L Stage on Friday 17th May and Monday 20th May 1974.

Guardian Of Piri Guardian Of Piri

The room has two beds, with computer banks between.

Guardian Of Piri

When Kano is linked to computer, the two beds are removed. Beyond, we can just see the normal Stadio table with a Lucciola lamp.

Guardian Of Piri Guardian Of Piri Guardian Of Piri Guardian Of Piri

The "Diagnostic Computer - Memory Link" panel. When we first see Graham and Bergman in Medical, this panel is alongside the "Blood Transfusion Treatment And Recycle Unit" panel. When Kano is linked up, and later in the party, it is swapped with a checker-board panel.

Guardian Of Piri

This view from the door shows the communications post at the side of the room, with the computers beyond. The side wall on the left is odd- there are two standard wall panels, and then, behind the communications post, a blank surface, set back slightly.

Guardian Of Piri

Bergman and Helena, and the punch bowl, are beyond the communications post, so in this scene, slightly before the above, that left wall was some way further left. Top left we can see the end of the ceiling panels.

Guardian Of Piri

Opposite the computers is the double door, with two adjustable beds. By the door, on the right, is a Giano Posacenere ashtray.

Guardian Of Piri

Between are illuminated wall panels.

Plan shows bed positions from the start of the episode (Graham and Bergman). As noted above, the "Memory Link" computer panel shifts positions; the panels below and to the left of it are not clearly seen.

Wall Plan Wall

The computer wall appears with no changes in Medical Security Ward in the next episode Force Of Life, although the room plan has changed.

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