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Medical Panel

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This medical panel appeared on the walls of Year 2 medical centre and on two medical trolleys. There are at least two wall mounted ones (first seen in The Exiles), or mounted in trolleys (first appeared in The Mark Of Archanon; one of the wall mounted panels is also visible so at least three were made). In All That Glisters it is mounted in the Eagle passenger module computers.

Catacombs Of The Moon

Notice the thick cables leading from the trolley behind the Ergastolo folding screen. The trolley-mounted panel is always close to the screen, which is probably hiding the electronics technician operating it.

The Mark Of Archanon

On the right you can see the switchboard on the floor and the hand of the operator emerging from behind the screen.

Space Warp

This close up, first seen in All That Glisters, is used in two later episodes: Catacombs of the Moon (during Michelle's operation) and Space Warp (when they operate on Maya/Animal One, just before she changes into Mentor).

This is the panel marked MM233E on the top left, which was featured in most close-ups, wall mounted in The Exiles, in a trolley in The Mark Of Archanon. The "206" in the top right hand corner is a Letraset lettering sheet number for 18pt Grotesque 216, with the USA Order Number beneath ("41-18-CLN", partially rubbed off even in the series). The "205" on other panels is 24pt Grotesque 216. These sheets were used to make up the yellow boxes of text on the left. See more information on typefaces

The Mark Of Archanon The Beta Cloud The Mark Of Archanon The Mark Of Archanon
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The Seance Spectre

In this shot from The Seance Spectre you can see the panel on a trolley behind the operating chair. On the floor under the trolley the wooden control board is visible with the light switches and wires. The thick wires between the control board and the prop are quite short, just like the prop shown here. Normally the wires lead behind a folding screen where the operator is crouching (see above).

This is another of the panels, marked 534wu. This is the third "non-functional" prop, without internal light bulbs.

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