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Titles and Credits
by Martin Willey

Year 2 Titles

Year 2 titles

These were the words that Martin Landau was originally to narrate over the opening titles of the second series of "Space: 1999". The narration was later shortened, appearing on a title page of the script of "The Taybor", dated 13th March 1976, in the following form:

Year 2 storyboard

The SFX storyboard for the Year 2 titles is glimpsed in the student documentary, filmed in May 1976 (during The Taybor). The central text reads "Main title narration (Maximum time = 15 seconds)". The narration is typed, and is the "Taybor" text (beginning "Moonbase Alpha").
The first frame specifies "Red stripes on Eagle" and the direction indicates it flies towards Alpha (the reverse of the shot used).
The second frame ("A massive nuclear explosion...") shows waste domes in the foreground. The final shot is recycled from Breakaway and the Year 1 titles.
The third frame ("The Moon is torn out of Earth orbit and hurled into outer space") has the text "Relation proportions of Moon to Earth to be correct at start of shot."
The fourth frame ("Doomed to travel forever...") is the space warp effect, but we cannot read much of the handwritten text.

Year 2 storyboard

The title frame from the SFX storyboard. The tall tower block on left will be the Breakaway round-house. The handwritten text reads "Track in to red set-up
5 secs, required after you
are clear of "building"
to end of track."

But by the time the episodes were completed, this narration was condensed even more into subtitles printed over the title sequence (the typing of the letters echoed the teleprinter that performs a similar function in the titles of Anderson's previous series, UFO). The text was printed in yellow at the bottom of the screen; at a second line the first line scrolled up. The titles were somewhat shorter than in Year 1 (just 43 seconds), and emphasised movement and frantic pace in every shot. The titles appeared as follows (there is a slightly different version of the titles on an early print of The Metamorph; the main differences are in the credit cards, noted below).

Seconds Scene

A spectacular nebula with bright stars is bottom left. A small blue-red world, upper centre, and a larger red planet, right, move rapidly to the right.

The nebula is the remnants of the supernova in Into Infinity. It also appears in The Metamorph and The Beta Cloud.

Year 2 titles
2. A low view of the base, with a launch pad in foreground, and an Eagle (front windows illuminated) rising overhead and over the camera.
  • The text "Moonbase Alpha" is typed out at the bottom of the screen in yellow letters, in Letraset's Microfont.
Year 2 titles Year 2 titles Year 2 titles

In the early print of The Metamorph, the text seems to be white, rather than yellow.

Year 2 titles- textless
4. As in the Year 1 titles, a chain reaction of explosions races over the lunar surface towards camera.
  • Text: "Massive Nuclear"
Year 2 titles
6. Again, also from the Year 1 titles, the halo of light rises over a wide shot of the base.
  • The text now reads "Massive Nuclear Explosion"
Year 2 titles Year 2 titles
7. Streaks of a starry nebula are lower left, the Earth (in first quarter) lower right. The Moon, from a centre left position, moves in jerky movements round and up to top right. Text reads:
  • Moon Torn Out Of
    Earth Orbit...
Year 2 titles Year 2 titles
Year 2 titles- textless
11. The hazy pink "space warp" effect (originating from bottom right) filling the screen as the small Moon shrinks into it. Text appears:
  • Hurled Into Outer
Year 2 titles- textless
Year 2 titles
15. A fast track right to left over the Command Centre computer panels. The message "Red Alert" flashes in pink over this (reflected on glass at an angle, so that it slopes somewhat like the series logo). Year 2 titles- textless Year 2 titles

The Command Centre computer panels are now beyond, a desk in foreground, with Koenig sat in his chair with his back to us. He spins round in his chair and stands, leaning on the desk and firing his stun gun to the left. He wears his black jacket; the stun gun beam is green.

  • The caption "Martin Landau" appears in yellow top left.
Year 2 titles Year 2 titles Year 2 titles
Year 2 titles- textless

In the early print of The Metamorph, the stun gun beam is yellow, and does not reach fully across the screen when the picture freezes for the caption. The credit is "starring Martin Landau"

Year 2 alternate titles
20. Close on the Command Centre double doors, with the "A" symbols, and the sign "Life Support Centre" printed on them. They open to the corridor beyond (the Alpha map is seen opposite) as Helena strides purposefully in.
Year 2 titles Year 2 titles Year 2 titles
23. A very soft focus close up of Helena, from neck up, tracking her as she strides down a Moonbase corridor (towards near right) with a worried expression on her face. She wears no jacket.
  • Caption appears top left: "Barbara Bain".
Year 2 titles Year 2 titles

In the early print of The Metamorph, the caption says "starring Barbara Bain".

Year 2 alternate titles

Low shot of Moonbase Alpha, similar to the second scene with a launch pad in foreground. In immediate foreground, however, are more buildings: a wall with parked moonbuggy left, some lighted windows right. We close onto the base. From right the series logo moves into the picture over the base: "Space: 1999" in yellow.

Year 2 titles Year 2 titles Year 2 titles
Year 2 titles- textless Year 2 titles- textless

In the early print of The Metamorph, the caption scrolls in much higher. The shot starts where the final version ends: only the top of the antenna in the lower right, and part of the launch pad building, is visible. We zoom to the lunar hills beyond, with Moonbase Alpha disappearing completely. The shot seems to be the same as the final version, just a continuation of the zoom.

Year 2 alternate titles Year 2 alternate titles Year 2 alternate titles

Extreme close up of Maya's right eye. She blinks; cut to closer shot. Superimposed over her pupil are a series of head shots of animals: first an Alsatian dog, then a kestrel, then a tiger. Maya herself then appears in the pupil, turning towards us. The camera zooms into Maya's face in the pupil, with the caption "also starring Catherine Schell" appearing left at thirty six seconds.

Year 2 titles Year 2 titles Year 2 titles Year 2 titles Year 2 titles Year 2 titles Year 2 titles

In the early print of The Metamorph, the first shot of Maya turning is a longer shot, showing more of her shoulders. When we zoom in, the pupil is zoomed in a little closer (so the transition to the Moon hemisphere in the next shot follows the curve of the pupil)

Year 2 alternate titles Year 2 alternate titles

The right of the screen is occupied by the hemisphere of the Moon, rotating rapidly, mostly in darkness apart from the horizon. On left appears the caption "a Gerry Anderson production".

Year 2 titles Year 2 titles

In the early print, the text appears in white, not in yellow.

Year 2 alternate titles

In contrast to the five or six sets of "in show credits" of the first series, Year 2 featured 13 or more sets of credits. Supporting cast include Tony Anholt, Nick Tate and Zienia Merton were shown first, instead of in the end credits. 6 production credits were promoted from the end titles.

End credits

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