The Catacombs The Production Guide
Titles and Credits
by Martin Willey

Errors in Credits

A number of errors occur in the credits. I exclude certain cases where actors are sometimes credited with a different name (such as Jeffery Kissoon who in some productions is credited as Jeffrey).

The Testament Of Arkadia

In The Testament Of Arkadia, Lisa Harrow is credited as "Liza Harrow".

The Mark Of Archanon

In The Mark Of Archanon, Raul Newney is credited as "Raul Newey".

Devil's Planet

In Devil's Planet, Tony Anholt is credited, but he isn't in the episode. Barbara Bain is heard in narration but both her and Catherine Schell only appear in the series titles. In Dorzak, Martin Landau does not appear, except in the series titles.

The Seance Spectre

In The Seance Spectre, Ken Hutchison is credited as "Ken Hutchinson".

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