The Catacombs The Merchandise Guide
Italian DVD
Compiled by Martin Willey

DVDs (Passworld Video)

Comparison pictures showing the restoration for the Passworld Video DVDs, released in Italy.

Note the improved colour and contrast, and the removal of scratches and other artifacts.

dvd/itm/ivmdvditm02orig.jpg (59735 bytes) dvd/itm/ivmdvditm02rest.jpg (60676 bytes)
dvd/itm/ivmdvditm03orig.jpg (64168 bytes) dvd/itm/ivmdvditm03rest.jpg (68500 bytes)
dvd/itm/ivmdvditm04orig.jpg (73960 bytes) dvd/itm/ivmdvditm04rest.jpg (79236 bytes)
dvd/itm/ivmdvditm08orig.jpg (77821 bytes) dvd/itm/ivmdvditm08rest.jpg (87038 bytes)

Copyright Martin Willey ; thanks to Pierfilippo Siena and Juri Eugeni
packaging and screen images copyright Passworld