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Novelisations: Anderson Entertainment
Compiled by Martin Willey

Maybe There - The Lost Stories from Space: 1999

Maybe There cover

by David Hirsch and Robert E. Wood, introduction by Christopher Penfold
Hardcover, ISBN 978-1914-52231-4, 290 pages, 216 x 134 mm, December 2022 (was November)
US $28.99/ UK £24.99
Paperback ISBN 978-1914-52262-8, 338 pages, 198 x 128 mm, 3 January 2023
UK £7.99

Anderson Entertainment previously published the Moonbase Alpha Technical Operations Manual by Christ Thompson (2021). Hirsch and Wood wrote To Everything That Might Have Been (2022). Unlike that title, this book novelises original storylines and scripts.

The book was announced and available for pre-sale on 13 September 2022 from Although advertised on amazon and other online bookstores, the hardcover edition sold out in December, and it is believed only the Gerry Anderson site fulfilled orders. Paperback and kindle e-book editions were released in January 2023.

The novelisations turn the original script format into standard prose, but follows the script dialogue and original names. It does not attempt to update the stories or make them consistent.

Table of contents

Note: hardback(hb) and paperback(pb) pages differ. The paperback table of contents has a typo for the All That Glisters page (to p379 instead of p279).

Provisional Cover

Pre-production cover. The published cover (below) moves the characters down slightly. Helena holds a stun gun in her left hand, but in the series she is right-handed, perhaps to indicate this is an "alternative universe" Space 1999.

The book has just one internal illustration, a detail of the Keith Wilson pre-production painting in the front pages. It is colour in the hardback edition, black and white in the paperback.

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