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Anderson Entertainment
Compiled by Martin Willey

Anderson Entertainment Limited was founded by Gerry Anderson in 1999 as a production company. After his death in 2012, his wife Mary Anderson and son Jamie Anderson took over as directors. It primarily operates as an online website, creating and reselling merchandise associated with the different Anderson shows. Their activities are promoted with heavy online presence, including videos (some documentaries listed here), podcasts and other social media. In 2014 they agreed a merchandising license with ITV for Gerry Anderson's classic shows, including Space: 1999.

As a reseller, Anderson Entertainment has a very close relationship to Big Finish. Jamie Anderson was a script editor for several Anderson and non-Anderson audio dramas.

Selected Space: 1999 merchandising:

Poster series 1 Posters by artist Eric Chu.
Breakaway cover (Reseller) Big Finish audio dramas. Anderson Entertainment produced "special editions" of the first two titles with slightly different covers and photo-booklets. September 2019
2020 cover Calendar- 2020 September 2020
Christmas Jumper/Sweater
They have produced a wide and changing variety of T-shirts, hoodies and other clothing.
Jigsaw puzzle by artist Lee Sullivan December 2021
Technical Operations Manual Moonbase Alpha Technical Operations Manual by Chris Thompson and Andrew Clements December 2021
Maybe There cover Maybe There - The Lost Stories from Space: 1999 by David Hirsch and Robert E. Wood December 2022
To Everything That Was (2023) To Everything That Was Comic book reprint June 2023
2024 cover Calendar- 2024 August 2023
Aftershock and Awe (2023) Aftershock and Awe Comic book reprint September 2023
Space: 1999 Comic Anthology cover Comic Anthology Comic book reprint October 2023
Eagle Eagle die-cast models Repackaged from Eaglemoss January 2024
The Armageddon Engine cover The Armageddon Engine Novella by James Swallow September 2024

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