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Eagle Models: Anderson Entertainment Eagles
Compiled by Martin Willey

Eagles (Anderson Entertainment)

UK 2024, £124.99 each.

Sold by Anderson Entertainment, these are repackaged models from Eaglemoss. In September 2023, Anderson Entertainment announced their Eagle die-casts, launching pre-orders on 27 October 2023 for release in December 2023. The company doesn't mention in any publicity that these are reboxed Eaglemoss.

Eaglemoss collapsed in July 2022, and the stock was bought by an American rival, Master Replicas, which then resold much of the stock in timed batches. Master Replicas sold some Eagle stock directly in November 2023 (with original boxes and price, £60).

The pre-order price (from 27 to 29 October) was £99.99 each, or a bundle of both standard Eagle and rescue Eagle for £199.98 (i.e. no discount at all). Both individual Eagles and bundle were marked as sold-out within the first day (27 October 2023). Full-price is £124.99. It is a "limited edition"; actual numbers are not listed but publicity elsewhere states 1500 each. It is possible these are existing stock which has been repainted and slightly reworked (see below).

The standard Eagle here seems to be an unaltered Eaglemoss. The rescue Eagle model has damaged feet, fewer markings, and thin stripes.

Again the standard Eagle seems to be mostly unaltered, except the command module windows are darkened (possibly photographically). The display base has some fairly basic detailing (the Sixteen 12 version was more impressive).


The box illustrations are nice, and much more accurate than the model (except for the rescue Eagle stripes)

The top of the box features the front of the Eagle (the back of the Eagle is on the bottom of the box). The Eagle Transporter is "as featured in Space: 1999 Year One", although the decals and markings are Year 2. The Rescue Eagle is "As featured in Space 1999 Year One Earthbound", but again with inaccurate markings and too thin stripes.

The top (with the Eagle art) and front of the box (with orange logo) opens as a flap to reveal the model inside. The opposite side shows an image of the Eagle, while the two sides have orange artwork of an Eagle and astronaut striking a gun-slinger pose.

Inside the top and front flap are "Eagle schematics" art and text. The plans are the same as pages 120-121 of the Moonbase Alpha Technical Operations Manual (2021). The rescue Eagle version shows the applicable version, with additional text. The model is protected in black foam. Removing the certificate and top layer of foam reveals the model.

Certificate of authenticity

The "certificate of authenticity" is signed by Jamie Anderson and marked "Edition.1 2023". The "Coming Soon" card shows 4 more Eagles, Laboratory, VIP, winch and pallet. In the small print is a credit "Design by Mister.S", a design company run by Marcus Stamps, which has worked on many Anderson Entertainment products.

Eagle Transporter (and Eaglemoss edition)

The Anderson Eagle and the original Eaglemoss Eagle. They are almost identical, even down to the decals. The black command module windows are a definite improvement.

The feet and pod legs become dark grey. In my review of the original Eaglemoss Eagle I suggested the feet could be darker grey, but this is too dark.

The engines no longer have the wrap-around tubing, and some of the small pipework is also altered. This is a little closer to the Year 1 model, but there are many details that should have been fixed before this (for instance the domes on the rear leg pods).

Rescue Eagle

This has the same modifications as the Transporter Eagle, and additionally the decals are different. To be fair, they have tried to match some decals to the model in Earthbound, but there are omissions and additions. The spine framework has grey stripes, roughly like the model from Last Sunset onwards. (The black and red stripes on the Transporter existed from Space Warp onwards)

Copyright Martin Willey. Thanks to Gordon for images.