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Eagle Models: Product Enterprise Eagles
Compiled by Martin Willey

Special Edition Episode Collection (Sixteen 12)

On 27 July 2017, Sixteen 12 (the successor company to Product Enterprise) announced a reissue of their die-cast Eagles as "special editions", similar to the 2006 "Gift Set" based on the Metamorph Eagle. Prices and release date were to be confirmed, but each of the 5 sets were to be individually numbered and limited to 1000.

Each Eagle has accessories appropriate to a specific episode, a rectangular landing platform and a moonbuggy. The Deluxe Hangar set was described as a "hanger dinorama", but was not illustrated and had no dinosaurs or hanging. Pictures were added in August, and some spelling was corrected (they still used "hanger" instead of "hangar").

On 24 August 2017, Sixteen 12 updated their website with new models: two versions of the Hawk, the 3 laser tanks, and a "retro Eagle". Release dates were "3rd and 4th quarters of 2018". On 13 October 2017, release dates were given of May-June 2018, with a price of £124.99 each. Multiple sets could be pre-ordered and paid for (before 1 December 2017, later changed to 10 February 2018) with a discount, up to 12% for all 4 (£439.96 instead of £499.96). The hangar diorama was priced at £269.99 (with a discount of 15% to £229.49 before the same date).

On 7 February 2018, Sixteen 12 changed the release dates; the first set slipped from May to August, and the others were unspecified (they were May, June and July). The first set (only) was available for the 12% discount price (£109.99) if paid before 30 March 2018.

On 15 February 2018, the first set slipped from August to September, and opened for orders.

On 16 April 2018, the first set was "almost sold out" and shipping was projected to be July-August. The next set would be Immunity Syndrome, not Exiles, due for September-October.

On 25 April 2018, the Immunity Syndrome set was confirmed for September, the Eagle hangar set for November, Exiles set for December and New Adam set for January.

On 4 July 2018, the first set moves to September, with Immunity set in October.

On 21 July 2018, the first set was projected for end September; the deluxe hangar set is pushed back from November to December; a further Collision Course set was hinted (with space mine).

On 18 October 2018, dates were updated (set 2 from October to December; set 3 from December to March; set 4 from January to March; hangar set from November to April), Dinky Eagle was slotted for March; and the Hawks and laser tanks were cancelled. Three additional "This Episode" sets were announced, only one of which was shown (Collision Course, with space mine, which is much too fat in the prototype pictured). There are not many possibilities for the other two Eagle sets. One may be the Space Warp refuelling Eagle (a version of the Exiles set). Another could be the Space Brain winch with grab (allowing them to correct the colour of the grey winch drums).

At the end of October, the website added the three extra sets- Collision Course, Breakaway part 2 and Earthbound ("ultra deluxe special edition", listed without a price). Breakaway part 2 may be a winch platform, which was previously released in 2005. Earthbound is presumably the rescue pod with boarding tube already featured in the Hangar Set, presumably with a Kaldorian ship (although in scale that would be quite large).

On 16 November 2018, the Immunity Syndrome set was announced for "after Christmas" (so, probably January 2019), although some sets will be available to wholesalers in mid-December.

On 20 December 2018, sets 3, 4 and 5 were open for early bird orders, with projected release date of end March 2019. The micro-die-cast collection was announced with the launch pad. The hangar set changed the rescue Eagle for a winch Eagle (so both Eagles in the set are strictly re-issues, although with corrected details and aluminium bells).

On 9 August 2019, new dates were released, including the first date for the Retro Eagle Freighter (end November), the Earthbound set (February 2020). A "Breakaway 20th anniversary special celebration release" was announced, limited to 199, but with no further details.

On 27 September 2019, the retro Freighter and revised Collision Course set were pictured and announced for January 2020. The hangar set and Breakaway part 2 were expected end October (presumably for November release).

On 21 December 2019, the Collision Course Eagle was announced for April 2020, with more announcements end January.

On 21 January 2020 at the UK International Toy Fair, Sixteen 12 showed two further sets- War Games (includes "battle damaged" Eagle and Hawk) and Dragon's Domain (detachable command module, plus Ultra Probe command module). Both would also come with perspex stands, as well as the standard launch pad. Also shown were in-scale 2 laser tanks (the dome top already issued, and the Eagle nose tank), but no set was identified (possibly an Infernal Machine set, with a standard Eagle). On 28 February, the Infernal Machine set was confirmed, with photo showing two laser tanks.

On 14 August 2020, the Dragon's Domain and War Games episode sets, and an individual Hawk without orange stripes, was announced for February 2021 release.

On 21 December 2020, two new episode sets, Bringers of Wonder and Guardian Of Piri, were announced, with no further details. The Bringers set presumably contains a Pilot Ship; the Piri set will probably have a docking tube. On 23 December 2021 they confirmed the Bringers of Wonder set for Q3 2022, with dome and pilot ship, with further details and price on 24th February 2022. The Guardian Of Piri set was announced with photos but no price or shipping date on 11th March 2022.

On 1st April 2022, both the Bringers of Wonder and Guardian Of Piri sets were cancelled due to rising costs. Pre-orders were refunded.

Set 1- This Episode: Breakaway: Eagle Freighter
6 nuclear waste canisters, nuclear waste silo cover, moonbuggy Limited edition: 1000 5 October 2018 (was May, August, September, July/August, September)
Set 2- This Episode: The Immunity Syndrome: Eagle Transporter
Until April 2018, this was set 3
glider with cradle, moonbuggy Limited edition: 1000 December 2018 (was June, September, October)
Set 3- This Episode: The Exiles: Eagle Transporter
Until April 2018, this was set 2
grab arm, Exiles capsule, moonbuggy Limited edition: 1000 End May 2019 (was May, December 2018, March, April 2019)
Set 4- This Episode: New Adam, New Eve: Eagle Transporter
4 magnetic side boosters, moonbuggy Limited edition: 1000 End May 2019 (was June 2018, January, March, April 2019)
Retro Eagle Transporter
In Dinky green colour scheme, with blister display packaging in the style of initial Dinky release Limited edition: 500 End May 2019 (was March 2019)
20th Anniversary Breakaway Special Signature Edition
Standard transporter Eagle, signed by Brian Johnson, in a special display box Limited edition: 300 11 October 2019
Set 6 Deluxe Hangar Set
  • The hangar consists of two walls and a floor.
  • Hangar steps and scale figures (one astronaut, three in Alphan uniforms).
  • Two Eagles:
    • Metamorph Eagle with spine boosters (same as 2006 Gift Set)
    • Before October 2018, the second Eagle was a Rescue Eagle with boarding tube. This was moved to its own set
    • Announced in December 2018, the second Eagle was a winch Eagle, with corrected colours from the 2005 release
Limited edition: 1000 October 2019 (was July, November 2018, April, August 2019)
Hangar- original version Hangar - December 2018 version
Set 7- This Episode: Breakaway part 2
Orange VIP pod (repainted version of the 2006 VIP Eagle, with the sloping top surfaces painted. With the Infernal Machine tank from the Gift Set, now with an astronaut figure.
This used to be set 6
October 2019 (was August 2019)
Set 8- This Episode: Collision Course
Podless Eagle with grab and two space mines
This used to be set 5
Limited edition: 1000 January 2020 (was October, November 2019)
Retro Eagle Freighter
Companion to the "Dinky" Retro Eagle Transporter issued May 2019. Limited edition: 1000 January 2020
Set 9- This Episode: Earthbound
Rescue Eagle with docking tube, in-scale Kaldorian ship, moonbuggy 10 August 2020 (was February, April, July 2020)
Set - This Episode: Infernal Machine
Standard Eagle with two laser tanks. January 2021 (was October, December 2020)
Set - This Episode: War Games
"Battle damaged" Eagle (black marks on the passenger module and leg pods- as in Collision Course, but nothing like this was in War Games). In-scale Hawk (with orange markings and white windows), moonbuggy, launch pad base, perspex stands for both Hawk and Eagle. July 2021 Sixteen 12 War Games set
Set - This Episode: Dragon's Domain
Eagle with detachable command module (and rear thrusters), Ultra Probe command module, moonbuggy, launch pad base, perspex stands for both Ultra Probe and Eagle. 2021
Set - This Episode: Brian The Brain
Swift. March 2023


Mark IX Hawk "War Games" colour scheme, 10 inches/ 25cm long. Later released in 2021 Limited edition: 1000 Cancelled October 2019
Special Edition Hawk "War Games" colour scheme, 10 inches/ 25cm long. Later released in 2021 Limited edition: 500 Cancelled October 2019
Laser Tank collection 1/72 with 3 designs, plus pilot figure (the "Eagle" one appeared in the 2006 gift set; the other 2 appeared in 2021) Limited edition: 1000 Cancelled October 2019
Display case Acrylic display case with black base for all Eagles in range. With 2 different self-adhesive labels (white and red landing platforms). 370mm x 190mm x 160mm.
Announced October 2020 for £29.99 plus shipping.
Cancelled 26 March 2021.
Set - This Episode: Bringers of Wonder
Eagle, Pilot Ship, nuclear waste dome and sign.
First announced 21 December 2020, with details on 23 December 2021 plus Q3 2022 shipping date; 24th February 2022 price of £259.99.
Limited edition: 2000 Cancelled 1st April 2022.
Set - This Episode: Guardian Of Piri
Two Eagles, docking tube, base diorama and photo backdrop.
First announced 21 December 2020, with photos and details on 11 March 2022, no shipping date.
Cancelled 1st April 2022.

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