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Eagle Models: Product Enterprise Eagles
Compiled by Martin Willey

Special Edition Episode 7- Breakaway part 2 (Sixteen 12)

Released October-November 2019. Limited edition of 1000. £124.99

This is set 7 in the Special Edition Episode Collection from Sixteen 12, first announced on 27 July 2017. The Eagle is an updated version of the 30cm long die-cast Product Enterprise Eagle, first released in 2004. Originally this was numbered 6.


The card box is the same design as the previous sets.

The back of the box contains 6 episode photos (only one of the VIP Eagle, and one of the tank in Infernal Machine).

The text spells the name of Simmonds in two different ways, the second as "Simmons".


The model is an updated version of the 2006 VIP Eagle. It has aluminium engine bells, and the whole side of the transporter pod is orange (a redder orange than the original). It is uncertain whether which paint scheme is correct (more details)

Comparison with the 2006 VIP Eagle. The more detailed Alpha Moonbase insignia on the 2006 version is more accurate to the 1973 Eagle models; the simpler insignia appeared later in series 1.

Laser tank

The laser tank is an odd companion to the VIP Eagle, from a completely different episode. The laser tank is almost the same as that issued with the 2006 Gift Set, with new Alpha insignia and an astronaut driver. The other two tanks (but not this one) were released in the The Infernal Machine set.

The original studio model and the Product Enterprise/Sixteen 12 laser tanks. One obvious difference is the driver chair is on one side of the bubble cockpit, not central.

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