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Eagle Models: Product Enterprise Eagles
Compiled by Martin Willey

Eagle Gift Set (Product Enterprise)

November 2006

This gift set contained the booster pod (also called the laboratory pod, after its appearance in All That Glisters), the spine boosters seen in The Metamorph, a moonbuggy, and a moonbase tank from in The Infernal Machine.


This is the only Product Enterprise Eagle to have a different box (and the only one to credit Granada, rather than Carlton). It's a 32 x 32 x 10cm box; the top is a flap that opens up to reveal a display window.

The text on the back:

September 13th 1999 - The Moon is blasted out of Earth's orbit by a nuclear explosion and hurled into deep space taking the inhabitants of MOONBASE ALPHA with it on a fantastic and perilous journey!
Key to the Alphans' survival is the EAGLE TRANSPORTER. a unique reconnaissance craft able to travel in space as well as enter planetary atmosphere.
Modular in design, the craft is divided into three sections: the command module, the central service pod and the superstructure. The superstructure contains the landing gears, fore and aft access corridors and the main propulsion system.
For deep space reconnaissance extra propulsion may be required. This is provided by the use of booster rockets anchored to the topside main frame.
Near to Moonbase Alpha itself, LASER TANKS are used in surface surveillance and defence while small, two man MOON BUGGIES transport Alpha personnel over short distances on the moon surface.
PRODUCT ENTERPRISE LTD is proud to present the EAGLE GIFT SET containing highly detailed replicas of these key vehicles used in the daily operations of Moonbase Alpha from the classic Gerry Anderson show SPACE 1999.

The flap fixes to the box with two velcro buttons. Inside the flap are publicity photos of the Eagle and moonbuggy (but none of the booster Eagle).

The inner card tray (32 x 32cm, with 10cm sides), is a moonbuggy with surrounding lunar hills. It's not to scale, for practical reasons, but makes an attractive display.


Like the VIP Eagle (released at the same time), this Eagle doesn't have the dark grey interior cage.

Booster pod

The pod compared to a 22 inch-scale Jim Small replica. It's a good representation, but the positioning of the Moonbase Alpha insignia is inaccurate.

Top boosters and moonbuggy

The top boosters clip onto the spine of the Eagle. Detailing is good. The tiny moonbuggy has one astronaut, and is decorated in Year 2 panels.

Laser tank

This is a good representation of one of the three different laser tanks seen in The Infernal Machine.

The Product Enterprise version alongside the studio model.

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