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Compiled by Martin Willey

20th Anniversary Breakaway Special Signature Edition (Sixteen 12)

Announced and released 11 October 2019. Limited edition of 300. £249.99

This is a standard Eagle transporter (identical to set 4 New Adam New Eve Eagle, minus the side boosters, launch platform and moonbuggy). The price is double that of the standard Eagles with accessories, and pays for Brian Johnson's signature on top of the passenger pod, and a black satin box. You also get a photo of Brian signing one of the pods.

The packaging closely resembles the 22ct gold plated Eagle from 2004, with the red satin coffin box being upgraded to a black satin box. The white box is in a card slipcase, and has silver foil embossed text. The pod with signature is displayed in the lid when open.

Copyright Martin Willey. Pictures from Sixteen 12