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Eagle Models: Iconic Replicas / Sixteen 12
Compiled by Martin Willey

Electronic Launch Pad and Micro-die-cast Eagles

UK 2020 TBC

The electronic launch pad has working lights around the pad, and moving docking tube, and a range of sound samples including dialogue and effects.

In 2009-10, Sixteen 12 had promised a 24 inch/61cm diameter launch pad, in scale with the 12 inch Eagles. It was never released, although on 3rd April 2020 they announced work on a new pre-production model.

This is a range of 5.5 inch die-cast Eagles (half the size of the regular Die Cast Eagles (2018)). The pods are detachable, as are accessories (moonbuggies, nuclear waste cans, spine booster). Each is a limited edition of 2000.

First announced in December 2018, in this photo-shopped advert, for Autumn 2019 release.

Sixteen 12 2020 catalogue shows more images. The red stripes of the Rescue Eagle are much too thin.

Packaging for individual Eagles is 20cm x 20cm x 6cm with price £39.99.

Copyright Martin Willey.