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Eagle Models: Sixteen 12
Compiled by Martin Willey

Electronic Launch Pad and Micro-die-cast Eagles

UK September 2022.
£39.99 per Eagle (4 different); £149.99 for launch pad

The electronic launch pad has working lights around the pad, and moving docking tube, and a range of sound samples including dialogue and effects.

In 2009-10, Sixteen 12 had promised a 24 inch/61cm diameter launch pad, in scale with the 12 inch Eagles. It was never released, although on 3rd April 2020 they announced work on a new pre-production model.

This is a range of 5.5 inch /13cm die-cast Eagles. The pods are detachable, as are accessories (moonbuggies, nuclear waste cans, spine booster). There are 5 Eagles in total, one packaged with the launch pad, the others issued individually. Each is a limited edition of 2000.

The Eagles are 13cm long, half the size of the regular 30cm Die Cast Eagles (2018), a little larger than the 11cm Konami Eagles. There are some understandable compromises at this size, with thicker framework and panelling.

The detailing is very impressive in comparison with the Konami Eagle from 2003, which is slightly smaller but much cruder.

First announced in December 2018, in this photo-shopped advert, for Autumn 2019 release.

Sixteen 12 2020 catalogue shows more images. The red stripes of the Rescue Eagle are much too thin; this was corrected for the final release.

Original Packaging (unused)

The original proposed packaging was similar to the trapezium design used for 2021 Comlock and stun gun.

Packaging for individual Eagles was 20cm x 20cm x 6cm. Packaging for the launch pad was 44cm x 44cm x 11cm.


Only the launch pad is in a box (50cm x 40cm x 10cm).

The 4 individual Eagles are in clam-shell plastic-packs; the plastic shells are rectangular (16.5cm x 25cm), but the card backs (15cm x 23cm/20cm) have a sloped top following the slope of the Space: 1999 logo.

Electronic Alpha Launch Pad, with lights and sound
Item number ALP-1
  • Original sound effect
  • Original dialogue
  • Electronic docking tube
  • Illuminated landing lights
  • Eagle One Transporter
  • Alpha Moonbuggy
Rescue Eagle
Item number ALP-2
Laboratory Eagle
Item number ALP-3
Eagle Freighter
Item number ALP-4
V.I.P. Eagle
Item number ALP-5

Models: Launch Pad

This is based roughly on the 22 inch scale launch pad. The launch pad sides are vertical (the 44 inch launch pad sometimes had vertical sides, but with narrow vertical panels, not like the wider panels here). The panel detailing on the docking building, the sides, or the framework structure on the side is not screen-accurate but broadly resembles the studio models.

Models: Eagles

These are half-sized versions of their 30cm/ 12 inch die-cast Eagles, complete with aluminium bells, paintwork (non-screen accurate spine stripes), detachable pods and even the moonbuggy accessory.

Rescue Eagle

Laboratory Eagle

Freighter Eagle

This is the Cargo/Winch version.

V.I.P. Eagle

Copyright Martin Willey. Photos thanks to Gordon Moriguchi.