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Eagle Models: Product Enterprise/ Iconic Replicas
Compiled by Martin Willey

EAGLE REPLICA COLLECTION (Product Enterprise/ Iconic Replicas)

UK December 2005 (Eagle Transporter). Made in China.

Signature Collection Eagle

Product Enterprise's 23 inch Eagle is, as the odd size suggests, based on the Replica's Unlimited 23inch Eagle garage kit. It has been changed to resemble the first 44inch studio model, although it retains many of the inaccuracies of the kit. It features sprung legs and a detailed cockpit backdrop with two astronaut pilots (the front of the command module detaches for access to the figures). The model makers were Ian Crichton and ManKing Ng.

Originally due in July 2005, it was delayed several times (November 2005, then February 2006, finally arriving December 2005).

It comes with a numbered certificate signed by Gerry Anderson (the text isn't grammatical English):

This is to certify that this SUPERMARIONATION REPLICA of the EAGLE TRANSPORTER is Edition No. 0001 of not more than 1500 pieces Worldwide.
I hereby certify that this model of the EAGLE TRANSPORTER is of an exceptional standard and representation to that of the original model featured in the television show I created, SPACE 1999.

Space 1999 was not a SuperMarionation series (the term refers to the puppet series created by Gerry Anderson). Product Enterprise named the series of model replicas from Anderson shows "Supermarionation Replicas". The model also contains a short instruction leaflet titled "Instructions Of Detach or Attach The Eagle Head" (sic).

Eagle command module
Pilots seen in the windows. Although the detail lines along the side (through the Alpha insignia) make it look otherwise, the command module is cast in one piece. Picture thanks to Jorge Carmo

A Medical Eagle version (with red stripes, otherwise identical) was released May 2006, using 200 of the 1500 models. One obvious inaccuracy is that the red stripes are too thin.

From March 2007, Product Enterprise was re-named "Iconic Replicas".

A Lab pod version and Freighter pod version appeared in 2008, with just 200 units of each. There were small changes to these models: the feet are a lighter grey colour, the markings on the spine are changed, the attitude thrusters on the leg pods are now straight rather than 45 degrees, and the rear rocket nozzles are chrome plated.

New version engines
The mirror-like chrome of the engine bells on the Lab and Freighter Eagles makes it look more toy-like than the original grey plastic on the Transporter. Picture thanks to Jorge Carmo

Some examples of the Lab pod version released in February 2008 had significant flaws including the spine being twisted (due to poorly fitted components) and bowing, due to the uneven weight of the model. Iconic Replicas issued a statement on their website:

It has been brought to our attention that there have been issues with the level of Quality Control on a proportion of our recent issue release - Laboratory Eagle. These defects include bowing of the main body and twisting of the main frame. These issues have been taken up with our agents in Hong Kong responsible for QC control and they are in the process of manufacturing replacements for these defective items. Any customers who have a problem can simply contact us and the item will either be replaced or they will receive a refund in full.

In September 2008, the Iconic Replicas website closed. In October 2008 the company assets were taken over by Sixteen 12 Collectibles Limited. Although the company address and staff are identical, this was not a company name change, as Iconic Replicas Limited was dissolved and the new company took over all its assets. The reason was probably the poor quality issues of the 2008 23 inch Eagle replicas and the bad publicity that resulted.

Twisting lab pod
One of the flawed models: the ridge on the end of the lab pod pushes out and twisting the cage section. Picture thanks to Robert Ruiz.

Replacements for the Laboratory Eagle became available in August.

The winch and nuclear waste can from the Freighter Eagle. The winch and can are not magnetic. Picture thanks to EagleMagnet.

Below: Eagle Transporter

Box cover Eagle side Eagle forward section Eagle cockpit

Below: Laboratory Eagle (pictures thanks to Jorge Carmo)

Lab pod

Note the differences between the Laboratory and Transporter versions (picture thanks to Jorge Carmo).

Freighter Eagle (pictures thanks to EagleMagnet)

Signature Collection Eagle (23 inch). Limited edition of 1500 (800 for UK) December 2005 £399
From 2007 reduced to £199
Medical Eagle (23 inch). Limited edition of 200 (100 for UK) May 2006 £399
Laboratory Eagle (booster/lab Eagle from Metamorph) Limited edition of 200 Feb 2008/ Aug 2008 £399
Freighter Eagle (cargo Eagle from Breakaway) Limited edition of 200 August 2008 £399

Below: instructions and certificate

Instructions Certificate

Copyright Martin Willey. Pictures thanks to Alice E, Jorge Carmo, EagleMagnet and Robert Ruiz