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Signature Collection Eagle

The box is 72 x 34.5 x 24.5 cm

The certificate. The seal is printed, and the text is seems to have been translated into English from another language.

The instruction sheet was also written by a non-native English speaker.

The model is substantial. At first glance it is a good representation of the first 44 inch Eagle

The detailing inside the framework changed during the series, and this model isn't particularly accurate to any version. Product Enterprise have put two domes and two sarcophagi-like cylinders under the spine on top, which are disproportionately large. The original model had Apollo lunar module halves for much of the series, which were never visible on screen. The engines bells have a darker rim, a heavy weathering that was not used on the original models.

The interior and astronauts. The original model had two Revell Gemini astronauts with a crude door, but they were never seen on screen. The interior has a more accurate door and some of the back panelling is based on the studio set, but it is painted black, rather the studio colours. Even on this model, the astronauts are not very visible when the command module is attached.

The command module is cast in one piece, but it has side and central lines which look like seams.

The Alpha insignia is the same as used on astronaut suits; the decals on the original model were much simpler.

The main obvious flaws are the "seam" lines on the command module, the blocky detailing under the spine, and the vernier thrusters on the leg pod, which stick out at 45 degrees, instead of vertically.

The passenger module cannot be detached. The numbering on the side of the passenger pods only appeared towards the end of Year 2.

The landing legs are sprung, and flex like the original model in The Mark of Archanon. Neither feature is evident unless you pick it up and fly it around, unlike the sternly worded "adult collectors" who are the target audience. The underside of the foot pads should be flat.

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