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Hardback edition

Italy. First edition 1977. Second edition 1978, reprinted 1979. 2000 lira.

Hardcover and softcover editions (13.5 x 19.5 x 1.5 cm). Hardback cover with photos of an explosion (with title "Spazio 1999") over an Eagle, seen in front view with pilots in the windows. Bottom left is Alan in a Eagle seat looking agitated, bottom right the horizon of the Triton sphere in foreground with Moon beyond. Softcover has brightly coloured planets with an Eagle being struck by lightning.

276 pages, all in colour. 11 initial pages for noting classes, teachers and exam results. Diary covers September to June. A page is given for each day between October and May (colour coded by month), with a colour photograph and text over the entry. September and June are given a page for two days. Days of the week are given in an abbreviated form so the diary can be used for any year or multiple years. At the end of each month a page is devoted to an advertisement for AMZ educational books. The series photos (233 in all, each 6.5 x 4.5 cm) are identical to the first series of Panini stickers. The texts and photos describe the series characters, then the episodes Breakaway, Earthbound, Black Sun, Matter Of Life And Death, Another Time Another Place, Force Of Life, Ring Around The Moon, Missing Link, Guardian Of Piri, Alpha Child and Voyager's Return.

Softback cover Softback back cover


School notebook

Italy 1976-77

Distributed in "UPIM" supermarkets. Plain paper inside. Six cover designs, with two background colours, black or red. All photographs from Breakaway and Matter of Life And Death.
Information and pictures thanks to Stefano Guizzardi and Patrick Zimmerman

Poderose centrali nucleari hanno ormai risolto i problemi energetici sulla terra, ma la luna é diventata un pianeta esplosivo; infatti tutte le scorie radioattive vengono seppellite nelle sue viscere. La Base Alfa, con i suoi potenti laboratori, tiene la situazione sotto controllo, mentre le Aquile, moderne astronavi da ricognizione, trasportano i pericolosi materiali di scarto e mantengono i collegamenti con la terra. Tuttavia strani fenomeni di infezioni radioattive si diffondono tra gli astronauti e l'inquietudine comincia a serpeggiare...
Powerful nuclear power plants have now solved the energy problems on Earth, but the Moon has become an explosive planet; in fact all the radioactive waste is buried in its bowels. The Alfa Base, with its powerful laboratories, keeps the situation under control, while the Eagles, modern reconnaissance spaceships, transport the dangerous waste materials and maintain the connections with the Earth. However strange phenomena of radioactive infections spread among the astronauts and the anxiety begins to twist...
School notebook School notebook School notebook School notebook School notebook School notebook School notebook


UK 1975 ??

Mentioned in "The Making Of Space 1999" by Tim Heald. No further details known.


UK 1975 ??

Three designs with artwork covers (from the first three Hope jigsaw puzzles).

Sketch pad Sketch pad

NOTEBOOK (Showa Note)


A5 notebook with artwork cover. There are two similar covers; both show a rescue Eagle launching, with two foreground astronauts. The interiors of both are identical (the covers are versions of the first two colouring pictures); the second cover is much rarer. Images thanks to Patrick Zimmerman.

Showa notebook cover Second cover
Back cover

The binding is on the left, like western books, not on the right as per the traditional Japanese style. Other Showa notebooks use left or right. The back of most Showa notebooks shows some sort of activity project related to the title, but for Space: 1999 there are instructions to make a train.

The interior is 20 pages. Pages 3-17 are blank white pages. There are line art for colouring on 6 interior pages, at the front and end of the notebook: on the inside front and back cover, and both sides of the first and last pages (pages 1/2 and 19/20).

Inside front Inside back Page 1 Page 2 Page 19 Page 20
Original art

Original art for one of the covers, by Noritsuna Maemura, famous for his Ultraman paintings.


UK 1975 30p each

Both subtitled "The Ultimate Adventure Series", compiled by John Barraclough.

22 x 28 cm, folding out to 88 x 56 cm poster (reverse filled with publicity material, generously illustrated with colour photos)

"Journey into the unknown with Space: 1999
The Ultimate Adventure Series"
Poster magazine number 1
Poster: Koenig, Helena, Victor.
Reverse: hardware, Anderson, Johnson, stars
Interior- first magazine
No. 2
"Adventures From Moon Base Alpha.
Alien planets, death and drama, time warps, Darians and the Testament Of Arkadia"
Poster magazine number 2
Poster: Eagle & Satazius (image thanks to Paul Stankevitch).
Reverse: premise, epsiodes (MOTD, TTOA), guest stars
Interior- second magazine


US 1975

Saalfield Publishing Company of Akron, Ohio, were a children's publisher, formed in 1900. The company closed in 1977.

Simple art, though good covers. 21 x 27.5 cm. 49c each.

Title Cover art Contents
CUT & COLOR BOOK (C2484; pp64) 3 Kaldorians, Female Alien, Arra

cut out figures, jigsaws, mazes, mobiles, bookmarks, story book.

A BOOK TO COLOR (C1867; pp80) Koenig & Helena, hs, purple bg

simple story to colour (occasional mazes, dot to dot, colour by numbers)

ACTIVITY BOOK (C2482; pp64) Victor looking over glass globe

mazes, dot to dot, color by number, simple crosswords & word games

COLORING BOOK (C1881; pp80) Eagle under Moon

3 simple stories (incl Breakaway) to colour


UK 1975-6

Sidney, John and Alfred Pemberton were second hand booksellers who started a publishing company, World Distributors (Manchester) Ltd in the 1950s. The publisher specialised in hard-cover children's annuals, establishing a British tradition which was still strong in the 1970s when they produced five Space 1999 annuals. In 1980 the company became World International Ltd, but the tradition of annuals was in sharp decline. By 1990 the company was defunct. Their assets were taken over in 1999 by Danish children's publisher Egmont.

Title Cover Contents
COLOURING BOOK (SBN 7235 3313 X; pp52; 1975, 15p) 20 x 29 cm, cover photos of astronauts in NDA 2, Eagle on pad
Colouring Book

48 good drawings to colour. Artwork by Edgar Hodges, who also did the annual covers.

ACTIVITY BOOK (SBN 7235 1758 4; pp52; 1976, 15p) 20 x 29 cm, cover art of 2 astronauts in lunar hills
Activity Book
48 assorted colouring pages, dot to dot, mazes, simple word games. The art is simpler than the colouring book.
COLOURING & ACTIVITY BOOK (SBN 7235 3343 1; pp80; 1976, 25p) 20 x 29 cm, cover art of Koenig & Alan in suits, with rocketing Eagle
Colouring and Activity Book

The Colouring Book, followed by the Activity Book

PRESS OUT BOOK (SBN 7235 2431 9; pp18; 1976, 20p, later 25p) 21 x 30 cm, cover art of Eagle launching over astronauts, dome (the diorama scene)
Press out
8 more simplistic colouring pages, card diorama to be pressed out & folded. Details
STICKER FUN BOOK (SBN 7235 2593 5; pp16; 1976, 20p) 20.5 x 30 cm, cover art of Koenig in suit aiming heavy laser, Eagle launching beyond
Sticker Fun Book
4 colouring pages (crude art of astronauts) with spaces for colour stickers from a central sheet to be applied. Last 4 pages are dot to dot, mazes, games. Details

TRANSFERS (Letraset)

Click for larger view

UK 1975, both 40p

"Super Action Heroes" series of Letraset's "Action Transfers". Letraset's dry-transfer lettering, invented in 1961, was the world-standard for artists and printers, and was used by the series art department for labels as well as special effects model detailing. In the mid-1960s they began to produce transfers for children; among them in 1968 were two Joe 90 picture books, written by E C Tubb. The transfers are typically figures (or vehicles) that are applied to the background by rubbing over the sheet. The Action Transfers brand started in 1969, with sets for historical themes, animals and adventure subjects. The Super Action Heroes range started in 1974, based around licensed television series. Their 1977 Star Wars sets were very popular, but in the 1980s interest declined. The division controlling the Action Transfer brand was sold off in 1981; the company was bankrupt by 1983.

Each of these were 29 x 20.5 cm cards which fold out to 44 x 20.5 cm artwork scene. Transfers are art of spacesuited Alphans (including Koenig, Helena, Victor) firing stun guns, their adversaries (androids or insect-men) and laser beams. The Eagles have orange command modules.

Back Battle On Planet Insectus. GK217/1 Alphans vs insectmen. Background scene a plain between mountains, with a giant pink blob monster attacking an Eagle with a tentacle. Transfers

Terror Of The Planet Cyborg. GK217/2 Alphans vs androids. Background scene based on Zenno surface (Missing Link)



USA 1976

"Super Heroes come to life..." Includes 8 watercolour pens and 8 "pre-sketched numbered pictures". The packaging has a large logo, a picture of a child and the Gray Morrow painting from Charlton magazine number 1.


USA. 1978 or later.

Very cartoon-like art, including a strange upside down Eagle and the series logo amongst other science fiction craft from Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica, Japanese robots and pinball machines. Illustrated in The Gerry Anderson Memorabilia Guide (Dennis Nicholson) p233.


Japan. 1977. 600 Yen (about us$2)

Dimensions about 9" by 2". Four designs. All the Eagles are actually the Mattel Eagle and one design uses the cover art.

Front of Mattel Eagle case
Rear of Mattel Eagle case
Eagle over Alpha, with astronaut with blaster (as Mattel Eagle box)

Two astronauts in Eagle command module
Pencil case Three Eagles flying over lunar surface with astronaut and moonbuggy.
Hawks and Eagles with an inset of Koenig gripping the Eagle controls.
Interior Interior


No. 310. Made in China, 1993.

Two plastic stencil sets including various science fact and fiction craft including a stylised Star Trek Enterprise, space shuttle and, on one set, a crude Eagle (with Metamorph boosters). Illustrated in The Gerry Anderson Memorabilia Guide (Dennis Nicholson) p328.

POSTERS (Shiseido Cosmetics)


Approx 92 x 61 cm red and yellow print, with 3 designs:


US 1978, $3.25

6 blueprint sheets, each 23 x 61 cm.


US 1977-80, $2

Blueprints by Geoffrey Mandel (originally a supplement to Starlog 7)

EAGLE BLUEPRINTS (Starcraft Productions)

US 1979, $3

2 blueprint sheets, each 28 x 43 cm. Exteriors

Starcraft blueprints


US 1983, $7.95

Blueprints of weapons and equipment from various science fiction shows, including "Star Trek", "Lost In Space" and "Space 1999".

Includes blueprints of comlock and stun gun on one 61 x 45.5 cm sheet. Drawn by Shane Johnson.

Two views of stun gun appeared on the cover with other science fiction weapons.

BLUEPRINTS (Kennedy Shipyards/ KSY Graphics)

Scale comparisons

US 2003+

Company sells "fan produced blueprints" of various science fiction and real space vehicles, mainly through ebay, plus their site They disappeared from the web in 2006, but resurfaced for the first half of 2007 as KSY Graphics (they do not seem to active after July 2007, with negative feedback on ebay after). In 2010 the prints reappeared under the name "New Paradigm Studios".

Most blueprints are 11 x 17 inch pages. They are marked "drawn by Monte R. Johnjulio". Although they are marked with a copyright to Kennedy Shipyards, they are not licensed by Granada. Each craft is shown in standard plan views, with some detail views and interior plans. Most sheets have call outs and notes with speculative technical details; one or more sheets are largely textual, other sheets are "beauty prints" without text. Some sets have a final sheet showing scale comparisons with other craft (the Ultra Probe set includes the Apollo Lunar Module, an Interceptor from UFO, and invented craft including the Condor Atmospheric Transport).

Accuracy to the models is moderate (they are based on pictures from the internet, with no obvious reference to the original models). The specifications and mission profiles are faithful to the show and inventive.

In addition to blueprints, they also produced decals and an Eagle Reference CD-ROM (all material was taken from the internet).

Ultra Probe print

Eagle Flight Manual

Eagle (11pg; the first 1999 blueprints, set of 100)


Eagle (16pg)


Mark IV-B Eagle Flight Manual and Technical Overview (102pgs)
2nd edition 2005

Eagle flight manual Table of contents


Meta Probe (19pg;
2003; based on the Donald Hayunga replica)

Meta Probe front page


Swift (19pg)

Swift front page


Mk9 Hawk Flight and Technical Manual (76pgs)

Hawk flight manual Table of contents


Mk9 Hawk (11pg)


Mk7X Hawk "Space Superiority Orbital Fighter" (11pg; original creation resembling the Eagle)


Ultra Probe (16pg; 2007)

Ultra Probe front page


POSTERS (Géo Alliance International Inc)

Canada, 2001

High quality posters of an Eagle, by computer artist Richard Bergeron. The Eagle is a CGI model based on Daniel Prud'homme's accurate Eagle 2 CAD plans.

Eagle II on the launching pad- Special Collector Edition

Eagle II on launching pad poster

39.5" x 27" (68.4 x 100.3 cm)

39.99$ USD
59.99$ CA


1500 limited edition on thick, high quality acid-free paper. Metallic print letters, signed by artist.

Eagle II on the launching pad

39.5" x 27" (68.4 x 100.3 cm)

19.99$ USD
29.99$ CAN


Printed on archive acid-free paper.

Eagle 2 in orbit

2nd poster


2nd poster

Eagle 2 in space

3rd poster

Never released

The 3rd poster was never released

Online promotional images (from the original website,

POSTERS (Anderson Entertainment)

Artist Eric Chu at Wonderfest 2016

UK, September 2014. £12.99 each, £19.99 for both

Anderson Entertainment is a company run by Gerry Anderson's son, Jamie Anderson. It 2014 it agreed a merchandising license with ITV for Gerry Anderson's classic shows, including Space: 1999. These are sold online through their "Official Gerry Anderson Store" at

The two posters are 59.4 x 84.1cm / 23.39 x 33.11 inches, on silk finish poster paper. They are photo/digital paintings by Eric Chu, an American artist who designed concepts for the Battlestar Galactica revival (2003-2009).

Poster series 1 Poster series 2

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