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SpaceCon I - 1978

Convention programme

SpaceCon was the first Space 1999 convention, held at the Sheraton Hotel in Columbus, Ohio, USA, on July 27-29, 1978.

It was organised by the National Save: 1999 Alliance (later the International Space: 1999 Alliance). President was Jeff Jones, and the convention committee was John and Kathy Von Kamp, Chuck Raue, Ted Hruschak and Mona Delitsky.

Pictures thanks to David Hirsch (some photos by Darlene Palernik).

The guests: back row left to right Martin Landau, Dave Prowse, Gerry Anderson and organiser (and Starlog journalist) David Hirsch
front row Nick Tate, Clifton Jones and Barry Gray

Clifton Jones and Nick Tate

Above: the guests with fans in costume. Photos by Darlene Palernik. The Kreno creature was Sue Cole; the fan dressed as Maya is Shimane Oderkirk.

Gerry Anderson was impressed by the costumes.

Martin Landau welcomes fans.

Clifton Jones at SpaceCon I, 1978

Nick and Clifton.

A piano was smuggled through the hotel for Barry Gray