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Airfix Apollo Lunar Module

Airfix 1:72 Apollo Lunar Module box

The Airfix 1:72 scale Lunar Module kit first came out in 1969, the year the actual Apollo 11 LEM landed on the Moon. A new version was released in 2009, with a different base and corrected colour suggestions.

Alpha Child

Behind the command module of the battlecruiser from Alpha Child and War Games, red struts are visible. They are the legs from the lunar module.

Voyager's Return

The octagonal reaction control pods on the Voyager from Voyager's Return are each built from two stacked lunar module descent stages. The three chemical rockets alongside the Queller drive are supported by the leg braces from the lunar module: one holds the lip of the nozzle, and two hold the reaction chamber.

The Last Enemy

Dione's escape pod from The Last Enemy has lunar module landing legs bracing the rear rocket engine.

The Last Enemy

On the back of the battlecruiser, seen in Alpha Child, War Games and in revamped form here in The Last Enemy, the large rocket motors contain two square plates each with rockets. These are the base plates from the Airfix Lunar Module. In the The Last Enemy form, the round landing pad on top is buttressed by the Lunar Module ascent stage. (The small lunar modules seen on the cantilever section are from the Airfix Saturn V

Dorcon probe

The Dorcon probe from The Dorcons has antenna on each side coming from a small orange cone. The cone is the docking port from the lunar module.

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