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Voyager One

Martin Bower design sketch

Martin Bower's design sketch for Voyager One from Voyager's Return. The captions read "Equipment Bay", "Access Hatch", "Legs to collapse on landing".

Martin Bower design

Early design sketch for Voyager One. This ones looks like an Apollo lunar landing module base, and has a docking tube and windows.

Voyager model shop photo

The two halves of the Voyager One model. Behind are Eagle nuclear waste pallets. The assembly at left consists of a pressurised cabin plus foldable radiator panels. The assembly at right contains the landing gear, reaction control thruster modules, Queller Drive and chemical auxiliary rockets and associated propellant tankage.

The main body of Voyager One is made from a plastic picnic set. Other parts used included Airfix lunar module and Saturn V parts, 3 felt tip pens and assorted bits.

Voyager's Return Voyager's Return Voyager's Return Voyager's Return Voyager's Return Voyager's Return

The Apollo lunar lander leg struts are clearly visible supporting the side chemical rockets. The leg struts and the octagonal reaction control thruster pods were made from 1/72 scale Airfix Apollo Lunar Module lander stages while the three chemical rockets are F1 engines taken from a 1/144 scale Airfix Saturn V. The green spheres surrounding the main engine are nitrogen / oxygen bottles from a 1/24 scale Revell Vostok spacecraft.

Voyager 1 Voyager 1

Overhead views, minus the top attachment, showing the wings open.

Voyager 1 Voyager 1

Side view, showing the "hatch", and leg detail, showing the wiring wrapped around the legs. The foot has been damaged since filming, and glue is visible.

Voyager 1 Voyager 1

Side and underside views. Note on the right, alongside the aluminium foil leg shield and just over the side rocket, is the inlet valve for Freon gas.

Steven Corbett blueprints Steven Corbett blueprints

Blueprints by Steven Corbett, who owned the model when drawing these.

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