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Star Trek kits

AMT released their 1:650 Star Trek Enterprise kit in 1966. It was in production, with numerous tooling changes, until the 1990s.

Alpha Child War Games Photo copyright Martin Bower

The saucer section is the big radar dish for the battlecruiser from Alpha Child.

Dragon's Domain Model shot

The saucer section is also the Eagle landing pad on the Space Dock in Dragon's Domain.

AMT Klingon battle cruiser

In 1968, AMT released the follow-up kit, the 1:650 Klingon battle cruiser. AMT paid Paramount Studios to design and create the filming model (which was actually a tooling master for the kit), in return for the marketing rights. The kit appeared in shops before the ship appeared on screen (in the 3rd series).

Mission Of The Darians

The engine pods are visible over the Daria docking port in Mission Of The Darians (along with parts from the Airfix Saturn V, the ubiquitous acs thrusters alongside battery housings from the Revell Gemini and a German battleship turret). Thanks to Craig Rohloff

Kit instructions showing the part Detail showing the parts
Force of Life

The Main Mission tower features an "end cap" from the engine pods (click picture to see annotated version, with other kit parts indicated). Thanks to Craig Rohloff

The "aircraft exhaust" bottom right is the base of the Klingon cabin. (This is the retooled Round 2 version of the AMT kit; the original 1968 kit had two green pins through the top of the cabin, but the cabin base part is the unaltered). Thanks to David Penn.

Copyright Martin Willey. Thanks to Craig Rohloff