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The cargo winch pod, first seen in Breakaway, also appeared in Missing Link (Eagle 7) and with a mechanical grab in Space Brain. The base is the same as the Cargo Pallet used to transport nuclear waste canisters (in Breakaway we are told the Eagles were "converted" to disperse the waste, suggesting the winch equipment was added to existing waste transport pallets).

The winch existed in 11inch, 22inch and 44inch sizes (seen together in one shot). The 44inch appears to be a scaled up version of the 22inch version, judging by how certain model kit pieces have been replicated in larger scale. The kit parts on the side are from the Revell Gemini kit and on the 44inch version larger versions of them have been made from scratch. From top to bottom: Saturn V third stage rocket propellant tank, Gemini retrorocket attachment harness, Gemini Radar Evaluation Pod (REP) experiment, two Gemini environmental control system coolant pumps, 3 x Gemini attitude control system thruster modules (also seen on Eagle 2).

Breakaway Breakaway Breakaway Breakaway Breakaway Missing Link Missing Link Space Brain 44 inch Eagle winch 44 inch Eagle winch 44 inch Eagle winch

Most pictures of the winch itself are a 22inch replica by Phil Rae mounted on an original cargo pallet. The Alpha insignia is from the Dinky Eagle (it does not appear on the studio model). See more pictures of the Phil Rae replica. In some photos, Phil Rae's winch is a much darker grey than the Eagle; when Product Enterprise created their die cast Freighter Eagle in 2005, they faithfully reproduced the darker colour of the replica, rather than make the pod and Eagle the same colour as on the studio models. Pictures by Phil Rae.

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Space: 1999 copyright ITV Studios Global Entertainment. Thanks to Phil Rae, Chris Trice, Marcus Lindroos.