The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
by Martin Willey

Multi-function hatch

End Of Eternity

End Of Eternity; used to open an airlock. The label is "VACUUM".

The multi-function hatch lives on the right side of Paul Morrow's desk. It has a flip-up lid. Inside is an array of six lighted buttons (three red, three green) and a labelled red switch. It has a lambda wave detector to calculate what function it should fulfil (activate Red Alert, explode nuclear devices, divert orbiting capsules, open an airlock or fire a laser gun) and show the appropriate label. Trivia note: the scenes for all three Year 1 episodes were shot together on the same day.

Collision Course

Collision Course: the nuclear detonator. A smaller hatch labelled "SAFE" covers the detonation button. Pressing one of the lower buttons makes the small hatch retract.

Collision Course

Collision Course: the smaller hatch retracted. The main button label is "ARMED".

Collision Course

A close up.

War Games

War Games: there is no inner hatch, and the button is labelled "ALARM". It activates the RED ALERT status throughout Moonbase Alpha.

Seed Of Destruction Seed Of Destruction

Here it is in Year 2: this is Seed Of Destruction. The button is labelled "FIRE". A sign on the inside of the top hatch helpfully states this is the "LASER GUN CONTROL". Note the lower buttons now have letters on them.

The Exiles

The Exiles: activates the "anti-gravity effect" that diverts the capsules in lunar orbit. One of the lower buttons is used. No label is seen.

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