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by Martin Willey

Main Mission


Andrew Novinc render

There are 6 desks, plus Kano's added from Missing Link. Each has slightly different detailing. Four were adapted into Command Center desks (see Command Center prop desk). The desks sometimes appear elsewhere in Alpha (all 6 appear in the Main Power Unit, all 7 in Nuclear Generating Area 3; other desks appear in the Eagle Passenger Module, Life Support, Observation Unit, Techlab 6b, and Flight Control)

Andrew Novinc render: Paul's desk Andrew Novinc render: Alan's desk
Andrew Novinc render: End desks Andrew Novinc render: Sandra's desk

The 6 desks, plus Kano's and Koenig's desk, were refurbished after filming Year 1. Some had monitors added and appeared in Command Center. Other desks appeared at the side of Command Center and in other Year 2 sets. They also appeared in other TV series.

The Last Enemy

In this shot from The Last Enemy, we can see the wooden base of the desk, with loose wires and writing.

Paul Morrow's desk

Andrew Novinc render: Paul's desk

Paul Morrow's desk has two configurations. For the first 12 episodes, there is a 14 x 6 keyboard. From Collision Course onwards, there is a new keyboard (see below), and the right side has a flip-up compartment, the multi-function hatch.

End Of Eternity The Last Enemy

The multi-function hatch only appears from Collision Course

Alpha Child Another Time, Another Place Missing Link

The early keyboard.

Collision Course Collision Course Space Brain

From Collision Course onwards, Paul has a new keyboard, made from one of the stand-alone keyboards.

Space Brain

In Space Brain, most of the desks including Paul's have an additional white button between the metal plate and the instrument lights (just above his hand here). It isn't present in many shots (including the long shot immediately preceding this close-up).

Force Of Life

Paul's desk in the Nuclear Generating Area 3 office.

The Metamorph

In The Metamorph Sarah Bullen sits at Paul's desk, on the side of Command Center.

The Exiles The Exiles

It appears, slightly modified alongside two corner units, in the Research Outpost in The Exiles

The Exiles

Also in The Exiles, it is in Life Support (also in One Moment Of Humanity, but not clearly seen)

Journey To Where

In Journey To Where in the Research Building.

The A B Chrysalis A Matter Of Balance

In the year 2 Eagle Passenger Module, the desk is always Paul's.

Seed Of Destruction

It reappears in Command Center in Seed Of Destruction, when Koenig needs to use Paul's multi-function hatch. In the episode, Helena sits at this desk, so it is slightly odd for it to have a "Laser Gun Control".

The Dorcons

In The Dorcons, Paul's desk appears on the side of Command Center, and is used by Helena.

After the series, Paul's desk would appear in other TV series, being modified to add a small screen.

Desk type B

Andrew Novinc render: Alan's desk

This type of desk has a 2 x 5 "keypad" on the right. There are 2 desks like this; at the start of the series, one is Alan's (with red and white keys), and the other is Sandra's on the computer side (with blue and green colours). Later in the series these move around.


In Breakaway, the red and white keys version is on the computer side, here in the foreground. During the series it will move to Alan's position (alongside Paul), and then move around.

Force Of Life

Here Tanya sits at the desk; the other desk of this type is by it, behind Andy Dempsey.

Black Sun Another Time, Another Place Earthbound

In earlier episodes, this one (with more colourful keys) is Sandra's, on the computer side.

Collision Course

In Collision Course the red/white version is on the computer side in front.

The Infernal Machine

On the right here in The Infernal Machine.

Both of these desks were used in the Eagle passenger module during Year 1.

The Full Circle End Of Eternity
Force Of Life

In Force Of Life they appeared in Nuclear Generating Area 3 (one of the type C desks is on the left, the colourful type B is on the right).

For Year 2, both of these desks were modified to become Command Center desks.

Desk type C

Andrew Novinc render: End desks

This desk has a column of 6 keys on the left and the right. One has a single blue key on the lower left (normally this desk is front left); the other has a green key in a higher position on the left (sometimes Alan or Tanya's desk).


In Breakaway, the bottom left desk (by Marc Zuber) and Tanya's desk alongside Paul are these type.

Force Of Life The Testament Of Arkadia

In Force Of Life, Zoref's desk, on the right, is the one with the blue key. Normally it sits on the front left, but occasionally moves to front right.

Force Of Life

In Force Of Life, this is the desk with the green key (Alan/Tanya's).

End Of Eternity Space Brain Dragon's Domain Force Of Life

Alan/Tanya's desk, with the green key. Occasionally it moves to front right.

Space Brain

A nice close-up from Space Brain in Medical. The white button by the metal plate was added to all the desks, except Kano's and Sandra's, in this episode.

For Year 2, both of these desks were modified to become Command Center desks; the blue-key desk will be Maya's desk.

Sandra's desk

Black Sun Breakaway This Episode Earthbound Alpha Child The Last Sunset War Games Space Brain Space Brain The Infernal Machine

This desk is initially positioned on the window side by Alan Carter's desk, and is thus frequently seen in the series. It is a different panel design, with a line of lights. There is a good close-up of the lights in the Breakaway This Episode sequence. Sandra often sits on the opposite desk, by the computer, but she is here in Black Sun; later in the series, it swaps sides to her position. The desk always has the dial instrument on top, even in Year 2.

Guardian Of Piri

Occasionally it moves; here in Guardian Of Piri it has swapped with Alan's desk.

Collision Course

In Collision Course, Sandra has it on the computer side.

The Last Enemy
Force Of Life

It also appears in flight control in Breakaway (and this recycled shot in Force Of Life)

The Seance Spectre Journey To Where

This desk also appears in Command Center, and is the only one not to have a screen.

The Exiles

In The Exiles, it is in Life Support

One Moment Of Humanity

In Life Support in One Moment Of Humanity.

After the series, Sandra's desk would appear in other TV series, with the instrumentation completely changed.

Kano's desk

Andrew Novinc render

Kano's desk first appeared in Missing Link. While those at other desks sit in Gaudi chairs, Kano sits in a more upright Selene chair.

Kano's desk is has a slightly different design. In front there is a small screen (never seen in use). The flat desk has rows of red and white buttons. The sides are illuminated, and there are print-out slots in front. Print-outs always emerge from the left slots.

Guardian Of Piri Guardian Of Piri The Last Sunset The Troubled Spirit
End Of Eternity

In End Of Eternity, Balor rips up Kano's desk (a lightweight stunt replica).

War Games War Games War Games War Games

In War Games, Kano's desk is further back in Main Mission, just in front of Alan and Paul (in some shots, shifted to the left in front of Alan). After the attack, it moves forward again to it's normal position.

The Testament Of Arkadia The Last Enemy Space Brain The Infernal Machine
Force Of Life

Kano's desk in Nuclear Generating Area 3 in Force Of Life.

The Metamorph

In The Metamorph it's one of the desks to the side of Command Center (foreground here).

The Exiles

In The Exiles, it is in Life Support

Brian The Brain

In Brian The Brain it's back in Command Center

After the series, Kano's desk would appear in other TV series, with some panel changes.

Sorella lamps

Black Sun Black Sun

Each desk has a Sorella lamp. The power cable should enter through a visible hole in the back, but is actually through the base (which can be seen in a few episodes when they fall over).

Another Time, Another Place War Games

Corner cabinets

Andrew Novinc render
Matter Of Life And Death Earthbound Black Sun The Last Sunset

There are four corner cabinets. The corner by Paul Morrow has a different top; originally white (and often covered with red clipboards), it later has a grid with abstract symbols (first seen in The Last Sunset). Each has an "X3" label (perhaps an earlier version of the "X5 computer" on the main computer panels). There is a slot which may be a print-out slot, or a card-reader slot, but it is never used in the series.

The Rules Of Luton

The corner units are placed on alongside the four main desks in Command Center (shot from The Rules of Luton).

The Exiles The Exiles Seed Of Destruction

Two of them also appear in the Research Unit in The Exiles, and in the Observation Unit in Seed Of Destruction

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