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Command Centre Desks

Guardian Of Piri The Last Enemy

All the year 2 desks are modified from the year 1 Main Mission desks, adding a screen and a substantial base, instead of thin metal legs.

Seed Of Destruction

Maya's desk is in front of Koenig's, alongside the computer wall. It sometimes moves around- in The Seance Spectre, it's in the Computer Room (and simultaneously, Alan's in Command Center), in The Dorcons it is Alan's desk, front left.

The Seance Spectre The Seance Spectre Dorzak
The Lambda Factor

In The Lambda Factor it is Sandra's desk, and the chimp plays with the buttons (which aren't straight).

The Rules Of Luton

At the end of The Rules Of Luton, we see the desk (on the right) is missing the screen, revealing the wooden interior.

Desk Desk Desk Desk

Maya's desk. This has not been restored- many of the "buttons" and lettering have come off. The white outlining has been repositioned. The light switches have been replaced; in the original there were a mixture of round and square switches, but here they have been replaced with rectangular switches. The blue rectangle on the right is also been replaced since the studio filming (the sticker itself is original).

Space City photo by Robin Hill

Maya's desk at Space City exhibition, 1977 or 1978.

Maya's desk at Space City

Maya's desk at Space City exhibition, 1980. The stickers and buttons were largely intact.

Alton Towers

The desk at Alton Towers, mid 1980s, photo by Ian. Many of the buttons have now gone.

Desk Desk Desk
Command Center desk Command Center desk
Command Center desk

The side view. This is an altered Year One desk, with an added base and screen. The border lines are tape.

Command Center desk

A view of the underside with the heavy wooden base.

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