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The Main Mission desks were built for Space: 1999 by Century 21 Film Props and some were refurbished as Command Center desks in Year 2. Some of the unconverted desks also appeared in Year 2, and with other changes in later series.

Green Cross Code- Kids Green Cross Code- Kids Green Cross Code- Kids Green Cross Code- Blockhead Girl Green Cross Code- Blockhead Girl

In 1975, the UK National Road Safety Council launched a set of short public information adverts, to be shown during children's television. The Green Cross Man was a superhero who appeared before children warning them how to safely cross the road. He was played by Dave Prowse (before his appearance in The Beta Cloud and Star Wars). The hugely successful campaign reduced road casualties by 11%.

There were several adverts (and a long campaign featuring Prowse that lasted decades), with some being rotoscoped animation. In the first live action advert from 1975, "Kids", Prowse is sat in front of two Main Mission desks. On the left is Sandra's desk, which will also appear in Command Center. On the right is Paul Morrow's desk, with the keyboard and multi-function hatch. The desk legs have been replaced by solid bases, as in Year Two (which had not yet been filmed). Two corner cabinets are seen distant left against the wall. The same set is used for another of the adverts, "Blockhead Girl", where Prowse is joined by two children. In total there were 6 adverts made in the original 1975 campaign, but only these 2 feature the control room. A later 1978 advert with the green cross code boy features a different desk and set.

The New Avengers Obsession The New Avengers Obsession

In 1977, Keith Wilson used 3 desks, again with solid bases, in the RAF control room in The New Avengers episode "Obsession". Kano's desk is on the end, closest to us, with Paul Morrow's desk in the centre. The third isn't clearly seen, but is presumably Sandra's desk. Note all are still pretty much as they appeared in year 2.

Come Back Mrs Noah pilot Come Back Mrs Noah pilot Come Back Mrs Noah pilot Come Back Mrs Noah episode 6

In December 1977, the BBC sitcom Come Back Mrs Noah has two modified Main Mission desks. In the last episode from 1978, Kano's desk appears alongside one of the desks. One of the desks is probably Paul's, because the hatch is open; a small projecting screen has been added. The other is probably Sandra's desk, but the instrumentation is completely different, with a central speaker panel and a number of toggle switches.

Dr Who console Dr Who console new controls

In 1978, the Doctor Who serial "The Stones of Blood" features the modified version of Sandra's desk.

The 1978 weekly science and technology magazine Tomorrow's World uses Kano's desk

The Tomorrow People - Achilles Heel The Tomorrow People - Achilles Heel

In 1978, The Tomorrow People serial "Achilles Heel" features a desk as an alien spaceship control. This is the modified Sandra's desk, with a large lever added,

The Tomorrow People - War of The Empires The Tomorrow People - War of The Empires

In 1979, The Tomorrow People serial "War of The Empires" features Kano's desk as the controls of an alien ship.

Destiny of the Daleks Destiny of the Daleks

In 1979 Doctor Who there are two Main Mission desks are in the Dalek control room in "Destiny of the Daleks". These are Paul's desk (still with the Mrs Noah screen) and Sandra's desk.

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