The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey


This peripheral research outpost is situated some distance from Moonbase Alpha, in order to conduct hazardous experiments. It is only seen in The Exiles.

It was filmed on M stage on 1st March 1976.

Discussion and plan by Craig Rohloff; illustrated in Moonbase Alpha Technical Operations Manual by Chris Thompson (2021); page 57

The buildings are built into a lunar hill, and have their own cross-shaped launch pad. The presence of this launch pad neatly explains the occasional references to launch pads 6 to 10, despite there being only five launch pads around the main base. The other pads may belong to other research stations or other constructions some distance from the main base.

The Exiles The Exiles The Exiles The Exiles

The cross shaped pad. Just beyond the Eagle is a tower with a revolving radar arm on top. The research station is embedded in a lunar hill.

The Exiles

The cave area. A capsule is brought in on a rail track.

The Exiles

A high view looking down on the cave area. Various equipment hangs from the ceiling. There are two "Danger" signs on the back wall, two more on either side, and a big red "Danger" sign written on the floor.

The Exiles

The laser in operation.

The Exiles

Canisters of "Nitrogen Gas" hang from the ceiling. The pipes through the walls might be heating the lunar rock. In reality, the intense cold of the rock would freeze water moisture in the air, giving the rock a covering of ice. The rock is brown, rather than grey; once heated and in contact with air, moisture and biological contamination, it could have discoloured, any iron starting to rust.

The Exiles

A view from the far side of the observation room. Note the cupboard with coat hangars on the left. On the table is Victor Bergman's sphere.

The Exiles

The reverse view, showing standard computer panels. Note the Sorella lamp from Main Mission.

The Exiles The Exiles The Exiles

There are two standard Main Mission desks and end units. The laser control and an Eagle remote control are visible.

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