The Catacombs Production Guide

These are frames from the special effects storyboard for the episode Collision Course. Most year 1 storyboards were not coloured, but for this episode the planet Atheria is coloured in red and yellow.

These 4 shots - 1X to 4X - are not script scene numbers; the X suffix normally indicates a SFX slate number. These must be 4 re-shot scenes done after the main SFX filming had completed.

Scene 1X.
Asteroid explodes.

Collision Course

Scene 2X.
Moon heads + Atheria move together.

See also scene 122 below, which is almost identical - possibly scene 122 was rejected and re-done with this shot.

Collision Course

Scene 3X.
Atheria moves into camera - v big

Possibly similar to this shot on the Big Screen, which wasn't in the script.

Collision Course

Scene 4X.
Atheria lowers onto base

See scene 99 below, which is very similar but occurred much earlier in the episode.

Collision Course