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Comics: Zack Comics
Compiled by Martin Willey


Published by Koralle-Verlag in West Germany (German text).
Zack 6, Zack Parade 26, Zack Box 33

Colour comic strips based on the first series, written by Farinas, art by Spanish artist Cardona (José Maria Cardona Blasi, born 1954). Stories were based closely on the episodes, and the art was also very faithful, with some frames copied directly from how they appeared on screen. In all the stories representations were good, even for such difficult subjects as the Eagles, but the layout was often pedestrian, the narrative frequently resorted to boxes of text, and the overall effect was not very dramatic. Some stories were reprinted in the Italian comic magazine "Il Fumetto Di Spazio 1999".

1: Fortnightly comic

Children's comic magazine, subtitled "The Big Adventure Of Our Time", with some 68 pages of colour comic strips, each having about 10 pages. Only "Mondbasis Alpha 1" was based on a television series. The magazine was 21 x 28 cm. Price was 2,50 DM.

17 issues contained "Space: 1999" comic strips, all adaptations of Year 1 episodes. Cover illustrations below thanks to Patrick Zimmerman.

Zack 19 (dated 8 Sept 1977) Text introduction to the series

One page introduction to the series, with a picture of Cardona and 3 colour photographs from the series

Zack 20 (22 Sept 77) "Ziel: Die Erde"
Cover of Zack 1977-20. Thanks to Patrick Zimmerman.

("Aim: The Earth"- 4 pages Breakaway, 12 pages Earthbound)

Cover artwork of Koenig & Helena in front of the base & an Eagle. A small colour photo of Koenig was also shown.

Zack 21 (6 Oct 77) "Gefangener der Zukunft"

("Prisoner Of The Future"- 12 pages Missing Link)

Zack 23 (3 Nov 77) "Der Wachter von Piri"

("The Guardian Of Piri"- 10 pages)

Free Panini stickers & an offer for the Panini album

Zack 24 (17 Nov 77) "Reise in die Zukunft"

("Voyage In The Future"- 12 pages Another Time, Another Place)

Free Panini stickers & an offer for the Panini album

Zack 25 (1 Dec 77) "Im Reich des Monsters"
Cover of Zack 1977-20. Thanks to Patrick Zimmerman.

("In The Empire Of The Monsters"- 12 pages Dragon's Domain)

Another artwork cover, featuring the back of the 3 stars' heads looking at the Big Screen, where Eagles are firing at a spaceship

Free Panini stickers & an offer for the Panini album

Zack 26 (15 Dec 77) "Das Testament der Arkadier"
Comic page

("The Testament Of Arkadia"- 10 pages)

2000 Airfix Eagles to be won if a question was answered: who is the Commander of Mondbasis Alpha 1: Joe Jenkins, King Johnson or John Koenig?

Zack 2 (12 Jan 78) "Gefahrliche Experimente"

("Dangerous Experiment"- 12 pages The Troubled Spirit)

Zack 3 (26 Jan 78) "Das Moonbaby"
Comic page

("The Moonbaby"- 12 pages Alpha Child)

Zack 6 (8 Mar 78) "Die Hollenmaschine"

("The Hell Machine"- 10 pages The Infernal Machine)

Zack 7 (22 Mar 78) "Der Letzte Feind"

("The Last Enemy"- 10 pages)

Zack 9 (19 Apr 78) "Auf Kollisionkurs"
Cover of Zack 1977-20. Thanks to Patrick Zimmerman.

("On Collision Course"- 10 pages)

Zack 10 (3 May 78) "Todliches Eis"

("Deadly Ice"- 10 pages Death's Other Dominion)

Zack 12 (31 May 78) "Die Steinzeit-Falle"

("The Stone Age Trap"- 10 pages Full Circle)

Zack 13 (14 June 78) "Der Aufstand der Darianer"

("The Revolution Of The Darians"- 10 pages Mission Of The Darians)

Zack 14 (28 June 78) "Die Ruckkehr von Voyager"

("The Return Of Voyager"- 10 pages Voyager's Return)

Zack 15 (12 July 78) "Der Letzte Sonnenuntergang"

("The Last Sunset"- 10 pages)

Zack 16 (26 July 78) "Der Fluch Von Terra Nova"

("The Curse Of Terra Nova"- 10 pages Matter Of Life and Death)

2. Zack Parade

Comic books in paperback format, containing comic strips like the Zack fortnightly magazine. The books are 12 x 19 cm with card covers and 228 colour pages. Price was 4 DM.

Zack Parade 26 had a Mondbasis Alpha 1 artwork cover, and was the only one to carry an adaptation of an episode. The other 3 carried original stories, though one, "Verloren im All" in Zack Parade 29, seems loosely based on parts of Space Warp, excluding Maya's role.

The stories were:

Zack Parade 26 (1977) "Todliches Licht" ("Deadly Light"- 16 pages Force Of Life)
Zack Parade 27 (1978) "Reise in die Steinzeit" ("Voyage In The Stone Age"- 20 pages)
Zack Parade 28 (1978) "Planet Ohne Rettung" ("Planet Without Deliverance"- 20 pages)
Zack Parade 29 (1978) "Verloren im All" ("Lost In The Universe"- 20 pages)
Zack Parade 30 (1978) "Planet der Vernichtung" ("Planet Of Destruction"- 20 pages)

3. Zack Box

Large format comic books featuring one of the strips that appear in the Zack magazine. The books are 22 x 29 cm, with card covers and 48 colour pages inside. Price was 4 DM. Two 'Mondbasis Alpha 1' titles appeared.

Zack Box 31 (1978)
"Invasion der Roboter" ("Invasion Of The Robots").
Zack Box 31
thanks to Angelo Finamore
Zack Box 32 (1978)
"Planet der Riesen Ameisen" ("Planet Of The Giant Ants")
Zack Box 32
thanks to Angelo Finamore.

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