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Compiled by Martin Willey



Published weekly by AMZ-Epierre; 500 lira (except last issue- 1500 lira)

24 colour pages each issue. Reprinting the Farinas-Cardona comic strips from Zack comic (2 per issue) plus a 4 page text episode adaptation illustrated with colour photographs (split in 3 parts, at the beginning, in the centre, & at the end). The centre (page 12-13) is a photographic poster. Covers were a Year 2 photograph.

The last issue had 50 pages, card covers and featured the Destination Moonbase Alpha artwork cover.

Three stories were split over multiple issues:

Just 11 of the 17 Zack episode adaptions were translated. Not translated were Death's Other Dominion, The Troubled Spirit, Mission Of The Darians, Voyager's Return, The Last Sunset, Matter Of Life and Death, and any of the Zack Parade stories or the two original albums.

Back cover advert

Back cover advert for the AMZ Gianni Padoan novels from the first issue.

No 1 (19 April 1979); AMZ 1

"Metamorfosi" (The Metamorph text) part 1, p3,4,14,23

"Traguardo: La Terra" (Earthbound) p2-10,15-22

AMZ 1 page 2 AMZ page 3
No 2 (26 April 1979); AMZ 2

"Metamorfosi" (The Metamorph) part 2, p2,11,14,23;

"Il Guardiano Di Piri" (The Guardian Of Piri), p3-10,15-16

"Prigionieri Del Futuro" (Missing Link) part 1, p17-22

No 3 (3 May 1979); AMZ 3

"Metamorfosi" (The Metamorph) part 3; p2, 11,14,23;

"La Macchina Infernale" (The Infernal Machine) p3-16

"Prigionieri Del Futuro" (Missing Link) part 2 p17-22

No 4 (10 May 1979) AMZ 4

"Metamorfosi" (The Metamorph) part 4 p2, 11,14,23;

"Il Testamento Degli Arkadi" (The Testament Of Arkadia) p3-16;

"Un Altro Temp, Un Altro Luogo" (Another Time, Another Place) part 1 p17-22

No 5 (24 May 1979) AMZ 5

"Metamorfosi" (The Metamorph) part 5 p2, 11,14,23;

"Rotta Di Collisione" (Collision Course) p3-16

"Un Altro Temp, Un Altro Luogo" (Another Time, Another Place) part 2 p17-22

Supplemento Al N.5

Destinazione Base Alpha (June 1979)


"Metamorfosi" (The Metamorph) part 6 p23-26;

"L'Ultimo nemico" (The Last Enemy) p1-10

"Nel Regno Del Mostro" (Dragon's Domain) p11-22

"La Trappola" (The Full Circle) p27-36

"Il Figlio Della Luna" (Alpha Child) p37-48

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