The Catacombs The Merchandise Guide
Compiled by Martin Willey

Each set had 400 colour stickers, each 7 x 5 cm. Almost all the photos are screen-shots (blow-ups from 16mm film frames) from the episode, not publicity photos. The sticker backs had the series logo, sticker number, and text in 6 languages. The first series packets were black, with a photo of Moonbase Alpha and Koenig. The Year 2 packets were red, with a rescue Eagle in front of the Moon.

Year One

Year 1 album

The first album and 400 stickers were issued in April 1976, covering the first 12 Year 1 episodes.

The album cover had a photo of Moonbase Alpha and planet, with inset photos (only 1 photo is also used as a sticker).

The stickers had blue and black print on backs. "Ask your retailer the album for this collection of picture cards" (sic).

Italian title Episode Album page Stickers
Introduction p1 1-6
Separazione Breakaway p 7-30
Destinazione Obbligata: Terra Earthbound p 31-57
Sole Nero Black Sun p 58-91
Questione Di Vita O Di Morte Matter Of Life And Death p 92-123
Un Altro Tempo Un Altro Luogo Another Time Another Place p 124-165
Forza Vitale Force Of Life p 166-197
Gli Occhi Di Tritone Ring Around The Moon p 198-231
Gli Amanti Dello Spazio Missing Link p 232-255
Il Pianeta Incantato Guardian Of Piri p 256-297
Fiocco Azzurro Su Alfa Alpha Child p 298-331
Il Ritorno Del Voyager Voyager's Return p 332-365
L'Ultimo Tramonto The Last Sunset p 366-400

Year Two

Year 2 album

The second album and 400 stickers were released June 1979, covered 11 episodes of Year 2 (10 stories, one is a 2-part episode).

Album cover featured series logo/ blue planet on red background over a montage of Koenig & Maya in spacesuits, and a Rescue Eagle in front of large Moon (a year 1 ITC publicity photo).

Stickers had black print on backs. "Collect these picture cards in the album available from your shop."

Italian title Episode Album page Stickers
Album p2 1-10
Psychon The Metamorph p2 11-52
Magus New Adam New Eve p7 53-86
Le Crisalidi The A B Chrysalis p11 87-119
I Naufraghi Space Warp p15 120-161
La Meravigliosa Illusione The Bringers Of Wonder part 1 and part 2 p20 162-232
Vindrus Matter Of Balance p28 233-266
Dorzak Dorzak p32 267-305
Il Pianeta Del Diavolo Devil's Planet p37 306-337
Il Lampo Che Uccide The Immunity Syndrome p41 338-370
I Dorconiani The Dorcons p45 371-400

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