The Catacombs Panini
Year One

Fiocco Azzurro Su Alfa - Alpha Child


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The first child is born on Moonbase Alpha. Everyone is ecstatic; but then the mother, Sue Crawford, screams. Her baby is now a 5 year old child. As far as Helena can determine, he is perfectly normal, but deaf and mute. Although shocked by the sudden growth, the staff of Main Mission receive him warmly.

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The boy, named Jackie, is shown round the Moonbase and the Eagle spacecraft. Victor Bergman teaches him to draw, but he keeps one drawing covered: a spaceship.

Meanwhile, an alien spaceship arrives and moves over Moonbase Alpha. It is the same design as Jackie's drawing.

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Three other identical spaceships appear. Eagles are sent to intercept them, but they are shot and fall to the lunar surface, immobilised but unharmed. The four ships position themselves over the Moonbase.

Now Jackie starts to grow again, into a full grown man. He announces to Helena that he is Jarak, an alien. Sue Crawford dies, then changes into Rena, wife of Jarak. They force Koenig to disarm.

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Jarak announces that they are refugees, seeking to disguise themselves as humans. As the Alphans die, the other aliens in the spaceships will take over their bodies.

But then another giant alien spaceship arrives and destroys the four ships. Jarak and Rena flee Main Mission, stunning Alphans as they run, and seal themselves in Medical. But the new alien ship has found them. When the Alphans break into Medical, they find Sue Crawford and her baby Jackie alive and well.

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