The Catacombs Panini
Year One

Il Ritorno Del Voyager - Voyager's Return


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A spacecraft is approaching Moonbase Alpha. Eagles are sent to investigate. The transmission is heard from the spacecraft: it is Voyager One, an unmanned probe from Earth. The powerful Queller Drive that propels it through space emits deadly radiation. It is too late for one of the Eagles, which explodes.

Koenig holds a command conference. Voyager will destroy Alpha unless the Queller Drive is shut down. One Alphan comes forward: Dr Ernst Linden reveals his name is actually Queller, and he thinks he can create a control circuit that will shut down the Drive. He is set to work, but his assistant Haines -who lost both parents to another Voyager ship- is not told his identity.

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Koenig orders a back-up plan, with three Eagles who will shoot the Voyager if it comes too close.

But as the circuit nears completion, Haines realises only one man has the knowledge: Queller. He confronts Linden.

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The confrontation becomes violent, and Linden is hurt. But although injured, he is able to complete the circuit and the drive is shut down. Voyager lands on a Moonbase launch pad, and the Alphans enter the ship. Inside, the image of an alien appears. The alien is following the Voyager in three ships. Voyager has destroyed three planets, and the aliens will destroy Alpha, and then Earth, in retribution.

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The alien warns them not to resist their destruction. Linden steals into the Voyager alone, and launches. He flies the Voyager towards the alien ships, using the Queller drive to disable them. He then auto-destructs Voyager and himself, destroying the aliens.

In frustration, Haines destroys the control circuit. But Koenig gives him Voyager's memory bank. Linden's sacrifice gave them a future, and the knowledge from Voyager will help them.

Thanks to Marcy. Contents copyright Martin Willey