The Catacombs Panini
Year One

Separazione - Breakaway


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Astronauts check the nuclear waste disposal area 2 on the far side of the Moon. One astronaut clutches his head and staggers; his companion goes to his aid but is thrown away and the astronaut rushes into the laser barrier.

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New Commander John Koenig arrives at Moonbase Alpha, where he is met by his old friend Professor Victor Bergman. A major spaceflight, the Meta Probe, will be launched shortly but the crew are sick.

Koenig flies to the waste disposal area to witness another radiation check, but the astronauts find nothing. As they watch, the pilot seems to go insane and tries to break the window to the lunar surface. Koenig manages to stun him and escape before the window shatters.

Back on Moonbase Alpha, one of the sick Meta Probe pilots dies.

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The Moonbase staff discover something strange is happening in nuclear waste area 1- lightning is sparking from the hot nuclear waste domes. Koenig flies over to investigate, narrowly avoiding a massive explosion as the waste dome explodes.

Eagles are sent to disperse the waste on the much larger Area 2. But again, lightning strikes from the waste hitting the Eagles. The waste is exploding, an enormous explosion that blows the Moon out of orbit.

The crew of Moonbase Alpha watch a satellite picture of the Moon leaving Earth; they are stranded.

Thanks to Marcy. Contents copyright Martin Willey