The Catacombs Panini
Year One

Destinazione Obbligata: Terra - Earthbound


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An alien spaceship crash lands on the Moon. Inside, the Alphans find the bodies of six aliens in cases.

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They attempt to open one case, but the body inside is turned to ashes. The remaining aliens wake and rise from their cases.

The aliens are led by Zantor. Their planet, Kaldor, is dying and they are heading to a new world- Earth. But the Moon has moved, leading them astray.

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As their ship is repaired in the Eagle hangars, Zantor offers to carry one Alphan back to Earth in suspended animation, in place of the alien they accidentally killed. The process is demonstrated on Helena, but they have difficulty reviving her because they need a complete matrix of each individual.

Simmomds is desperate to reurn to Earth, and breaks into the nuclear power station. He will destroy Alpha unless he is allowed to go on Zantor's ship. He is allowed to go, and the ship leaves the Moon.

Simmonds wakes and tries to call the Earth. On Alpha they listen, realising that he was not properly in suspended animation. Desperately, Simmonds bangs on the inside of his casket, trapped.

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