The Catacombs Panini
Year One

Sole Nero - Black Sun


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The Moon is moving towards a strange area of space. An Eagle is sent to investigate, but is torn to pieces as it tries to escape the immense gravity of the object. It is a black sun, a collapsed star whose gravity they can never escape.

The large picture is a publicity shot from Breakaway doctored so the Big Screen shows the black sun instead of the moonbase map. Simmonds on the right of the picture.

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Professor Bergman proposes the artificial gravity system for Alpha be adapted into a protective forcefield. Bergman and Koenig walk on the lunar surface under the field, as an Eagle shoots at them; the laser is deflected, proving the forcefield works.

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But the forcefield only gives a slim chance of survival, if any. So Koenig orders a lifeboat Eagle be launched with six Alphans, including Alan and Helena.

The black sun is draining Alpha's power, and the crew wear spacesuits to keep warm.

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Alone now in Main Mission, Koenig and Victor drink together. The Moon enters the black sun. Koenig finds he is transparent. Next they are old men, in a formless void from which a voice speaks to them.

They are back in Main Mission, now back on full power. They have passed through the black sun. The Alphans are overjoyed when they find the lifeboat Eagle returning to them, and have a joyful reunion in the launch pad reception.

Thanks to Marcy. Contents copyright Martin Willey