The Catacombs Panini
Year One

Questione Di Vita O Di Morte - Matter Of Life And Death


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Moonbase Alpha is near a red planet. An Eagle crew sent to investigate are electricuted and the Eagle is returned to Alpha on remote control. Inside, Helena and Koenig find the unconscious crew and someone else- Helena's lost husband, Lee Russell.

Lee was lost on a space mission years ago. Dr Mathias gives him a drug to wake him up, but he is incoherent. When Helena is alone with him, lightning strikes out at her.

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Victor shows Koenig thermographic plates showing that Lee has no body temperature- except when Helena is near. Lee is interrogated. He warns them not to go to the planet, but then dies.

Koenig decides to ignore the warning and they fly down to the planet.

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They test the conditions on the red planet, and they seem ideal. But then the Eagle starts to disintegrate, and explodes. Paul's laser gun explodes, killing him and blinding Sandra.

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Above them, the Moon explodes, and a furious storm batters the planet surface. Sandra is lost. A rockfall kills Koenig.

Lee appears again, and explains to Helena that they are on an antimatter planet. Conditions are returned to before the disaster, reuniting Helena with Koenig. They will return to Alpha.

Thanks to Marcy. Contents copyright Martin Willey