The Catacombs Panini
Year Two

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Year Two Album

The sticker album was available in Italian, German and Portuguese only; the version shown here is the Italian edition. It was 48 pages long (excluding covers) and 24cm x 27cm. Again, the cover is fantastic, with great clear photos. The interior photos were worse quality than the Year One album, but less random (they usually came from the episode being described).

All images are large (over 100k) and slightly cropped at the sides.

Cover - Back cover

Inside front cover - page 1

Psychon p2 - p3 - p4 - p5 - p6
Magus p7 - p8 - p9 -p10
Le Crisalidi p11 - p12 - p13 - p14
I Naufraghi p15 - p16 - p17 - p18 - p19
La Meravigliosa Illusione p20 - p21 - p22 - p23 - p24 - p25 - p26 - p27
Vindrus p28 - p29 - p30 - p31
Il Pianeta Del Diavolo p32 - p33 - p34 - p35 - p36
Dorzak p37 - p38 - p39 - p40
Il Lampo Che Uccide p41 - p42 - p43 - p44
I Dorconiani p45 - p46 - p47 - p48
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Back cover

page 2

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