The Catacombs The Character Guide
by Martin Willey

Paul Morrow (Main Mission Section)

The Last Sunset
Character Name Paul Morrow
Played by Prentis Hancock
Sex M
Approx. Age 32
Section Main Mission
Episodes 23 episodes
23 end credits

Breakaway Paul Morrow
Matter Of Life And Death Paul Morrow
Black Sun Paul Morrow
Ring Around The Moon Paul Morrow
Earthbound Paul Morrow
Another Time, Another Place Paul Morrow
Missing Link Paul Morrow
Guardian Of Piri Paul Morrow
Force Of Life Paul Morrow
Alpha Child Paul Morrow
The Last Sunset Paul Morrow
Voyager's Return Paul Morrow
Collision Course Paul Morrow
Death's Other Dominion Paul Morrow
The Full Circle Paul Morrow
End Of Eternity Paul Morrow
War Games Paul Morrow
The Last Enemy Paul Morrow
The Troubled Spirit Paul Morrow
Space Brain Paul Morrow
Mission Of The Darians Paul Morrow
Dragon's Domain Paul Morrow
The Testament Of Arkadia Paul Morrow

The Last Sunset

Main Mission Controller and second in command.

The original character in George Bellak's The Void Ahead script was named Vorkonen. No nationality is suggested, but the name is German or Dutch. His role was described as Koenig's "adjutant", an administrative assistant to a senior officer in the military. In a later draft he became "Main Mission Controller Bob Morrow", the surname of Scottish origin.

Hancock was 32 in 1974, so presumably Morrow is the same age in 1999, born 1967.

Morrow's father was killed when Voyager 2's drive cut in too soon (Voyager's Return). He is generally loyal to Koenig with two notable exceptions: Another Time, Another Place (when he gets to look like Moses) and The Last Sunset (where he acts like Moses!). He is passionate at times (Missing Link, Voyager's Return, The Last Sunset).

Paul is usually trapped at his desk, but infrequently he accompanies missions: Matter Of Life And Death, The Last Sunset, Mission Of The Darians.

Another Time, Another Place The Last Sunset

He is close to Sandra (Matter Of Life And Death, the end of Black Sun, married to her in Another Time, Another Place with two children, they kiss in The Last Sunset, The Full Circle).

Collision Course

Paul Morrow is an experienced Eagle pilot (Collision Course, Guardian Of Piri, The Last Sunset).

Black Sun Guardian Of Piri

His hobbies include guitar (Black Sun, Guardian Of Piri).

Featured in 23 Year 1 episodes. He is not in The Infernal Machine (Prentis Hancock was off to have an operation; in the episode Koenig explains "...he's not too bad. A couple of fractured ribs, broken ankle. Doctor Russell says he'll be out for a few days. But he'll be okay. Nothing serious."). There is no explanation for his disappearance from Year 2.

John Muir's The Forsaken describes him leaving Alpha with Tanya for the planet Pyxidea.

"Come on. Life here's not that abnormal. We eat, sleep, drink, even breathe air of a kind. Possibly there's something specific about this particular case." (Alpha Child)

"In there, cooped up, there are thoughts we just can't allow ourselves to think." (The Last Sunset)

"Two hundred people were killed because something went wrong. A whole community wiped out! My father was one of them. I know something went wrong." (Voyager's Return)

Breakaway Meets Koenig. Breakaway
Matter Of Life And Death Dies on Terra Nova Matter Of Life And Death
Black Sun "Good man, Paul" Black Sun
Ring Around The Moon Fights Clifford Ring Around The Moon
Earthbound In Main Mission Earthbound
Another Time, Another Place Earth Paul has married Sandra and has 2 children Another Time, Another Place
Missing Link Trying to keep tempers under control Missing Link
Guardian Of Piri Plays guitar at party, fights Koenig over computer Guardian Of Piri
Force Of Life In Main Mission Force Of Life
Alpha Child One of four who goes to shoot down Jarak's ships Alpha Child
The Last Sunset Kissses Sandra, eats mushrooms, fights Koenig and Alan. The Last Sunset
Voyager's Return In Voyager conference reveals his father was killed by Voyager 2 Voyager's Return
Collision Course Flies Eagle with Koenig to find Alan. Resists Koenig at end. Collision Course
Death's Other Dominion In Main Mission Death's Other Dominion
The Full Circle In Main Mission. Lands Eagle by remote control. The Full Circle
End Of Eternity Has finger over "Vacuum" button in airlock sequence. End Of Eternity
War Games Helps clear Medical Centre. Flies Eagle in final evacuation. War Games
The Last Enemy In Main Mission. The Last Enemy
The Troubled Spirit Does not go to concert. Part of seance to summon the spirit. The Troubled Spirit
Space Brain Main Mission. In spacesuit in foam. Space Brain
Mission Of The Darians Expedition to Daria, fights with Darians. Mission Of The Darians
Dragon's Domain Briefly seen in Main Mission. Not in 1996 crowd. Dragon's Domain
The Testament Of Arkadia "If these temperature drops continue none of us will survive!" The Testament Of Arkadia

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