The Catacombs Dialogue
Paul Morrow Dialogue

Paul Morrow

Prentis Hancock

Total dialogue: 630 lines.

Breakaway (35)

  1. Eagle Two from Moonbase Alpha. We copy.
  2. Welcome back, Commander.
  3. Commander?
  4. Yes, sir.
  5. Very good, Commander.
  6. Sandra. Check ten on Area One, please, and bring it in.
  7. Four or six times a week.
  8. It's one of the few constructions on the dark side. It's a clear land mark for going to Area Two.
  9. Well, they do their training flights over the dark side away from Alpha traffic.
  10. But there is a minimum altitude regulation.
  11. Second camera please.
  12. Hang on, Commander. We're going to try and blast you out of there.
  13. Switch to on board back up systems, Commander. We're losing you.
  14. Rescue ship move in.
  15. Right, Commander.
  16. Yes, sir.
  17. Commander Koenig.
  18. Conversion of the first six Eagles completed, Commander. They're moving into the area now.
  19. Yes, sir.
  20. We'll check it out for you.
  21. Number twenty six.
  22. Disperse to grid C nine.
  23. Repeat, disperse to grid C nine.
  24. We've had navigational failures
  25. on two of the ships. They've returned to base for replacements.
  26. Right.Main Mission to all Eagles.
  27. Increase altitude by ten.
  28. Go ahead, One.
  29. Commander! It's going up!
  30. Main Mission to all Eagles. Return to base immediately. Repeat, return to base immediately.
  31. Seal off all sections-
  32. You alright?
  33. This is Main Mission. All sections report.
  34. I'm getting a long range video picture from the Mars satellite.
  35. Can we make it back to Earth?

Matter Of Life And Death (18)

  1. Twenty seconds to visual contact.
  2. Fifteen seconds to visual contact.
  3. Eagle One breaking orbit... now.
  4. Alpha to Eagle One, do you copy? Alpha to Eagle One, do you copy?
  5. Eagle One, are you receiving us? Come in, Eagle One.
  6. Eagle One. This is Alpha. Do you copy? Are you receiving me? Come in, Eagle One. Contact lost, Commander.
  7. Eagle One, this is Alpha. Do you copy? Are you receiving me? Eagle One, come in, please.
  8. Eagle One on final approach.
  9. Commander. The accident to the probe's pilots has set Phase two behind schedule.
  10. Twenty hours.
  11. A total evacuation of Moonbase Alpha will take forty eight hours.
  12. We need a definite time for Phase Two launch, Commander.
  13. Commander?
  14. They'll be ready.
  15. I'm fine, sir. No dangerous elements so far.
  16. Yes, sir?
  17. But sir-
  18. Yes, sir.

Black Sun (37)

  1. No, thank you. Sandra?
  2. How close will it pass us?
  3. David, have you got those figures yet?
  4. Hum. Nevertheless. Estimate the damage potential, just in case.
  5. Just in case.
  6. Central Computer gave the collision alarm, sir.
  7. Not even enough time to secure the base.
  8. Commander. It's impossible, but we're changing course.
  9. Just about where the asteroid was first caught.
  10. No malfunction at either end.
  11. Commander, his anti gravity screens. The needle's still in the red.
  12. But you think we can avoid it?
  13. Professor, you didn't answer my question. Do you think we can avoid it?
  14. With the Professor. Out there.
  15. Switching to full power.
  16. Maximum power, sir. Steady and holding.
  17. Commander, you've got a full house. We're all with you.
  18. Good luck.
  19. Six. David said it was impossible to determine the amount of mass available to the black sun in this sector. It's gravitational force increases every minute, pulling us towards it faster than originally calculated.
  20. Well, these figures may be the answer. With the force field activated we.. we might slow down enough to buy the time.
  21. It's either Alpha, sir, or the survival ship.
  22. Twelve minutes to countdown, sir.
  23. Attention all personnel, attention all personnel. Stand by for force field test. Thirty seconds.
  24. Then all our worries are over.
  25. Ten seconds. Full power, sir?
  26. Five seconds. Four. Three.
  27. Two. One. Zero.
  28. Do me a favour, David. Mind the shop.
  29. I wanted to.
  30. Alan. One minute to lift off.
  31. Fifteen seconds. Alan. Good luck.
  32. Commander. Central Computer's deactivated itself. One hundred percent power facilities are feeding main generator units. The force fields functioning..
  33. Very good sir.Well, I..never thought it would end this way.
  34. Thank you.
  35. They're coming back!
  36. Commander. Come on.
  37. We went right through it. It was fantastic.

Ring Around The Moon (34)

  1. Kano. Stop him.
  2. This is Main Mission. All sections report. All sections report.
  3. Picture gone.
  4. Commander. Transmission coming in.
  5. Commander. Power failures in sections G six, eight and eleven. All transportation -out.
  6. I haven't been able to get through to Anderson.
  7. Sir, report from Reconnaissance. All but four of our Eagles are damaged. We're defenceless.
  8. No response, sir.
  9. Three five.
  10. They're on a collision course. They're on manual! I can't bring them in.
  11. Should land close by, about seven hundred metres.
  12. Sir, there's no way to get to him.
  13. They're down.
  14. Commander, this is Morrow.
  15. I've got their exact location. North east six hundred metres.
  16. An attack. Commander.
  17. They've jammed the scanner systems. They're up to something. It might be a missile attack. You'd better get back here.
  18. Just lifting off now.
  19. Very good, sir.
  20. You're clear, Commander.
  21. Minute five.
  22. Commander Koenig. Commander.
  23. Yes.
  24. I'm switching them over to the remote control system.
  25. No idea.
  26. This is Main Mission Control to all sections Alpha. Attention all personnel. Do not approach Doctor Russell. Repeat. Do not approach Doctor Russell.
  27. Commander. Doctor Russell's been reactivated.
  28. Lift off.
  29. Visual contact lost. Commander Koenig. Commander.
  30. This is Main Mission, come in, Commander Koenig.
  31. They're through.
  32. All set, sir.
  33. The instruments show the sphere is breaking up.
  34. It's lost it's power.

Earthbound (27)

  1. Right, thank you.
  2. None, sir.
  3. None, sir.
  4. Yes sir.
  5. Right.
  6. You have gravity and atmosphere, Commander.
  7. None of us knows for sure, Commissioner.
  8. Main Mission standing by.
  9. Maybe they don't live by lunar time, Commissioner?
  10. Crash units stand down.
  11. Maintenance Crew prepare to receive alien space ship.
  12. Security. Stand by Travel Tube to alien spaceship
  13. and prepare for visitors.
  14. Well, the boys have slowed up a bit, but the ship will be ready on schedule.
  15. The spaceship will be ready for countdown at oh nine hundred hours, sir.
  16. Five minutes to go.
  17. Very good, sir. On his way.
  18. Commander.
  19. Yes sir.
  20. Switch to reserve power.
  21. Trying to, sir.
  22. Commander. Countdown is T minus twenty eight minutes. Do I continue counting?
  23. Captain Zantor to Main Mission, please. Captain Zantor to Main Mission.If there's one man Alpha could do without it's Simmonds. I say let him go.
  24. Let him go, Commander. We'll be well rid of him.
  25. Commander.
  26. I'm getting a signal, sir, from the Kaldorian spaceship.
  27. From Commissioner Simmonds, sir. He thinks he's approaching Earth.

Another Time, Another Place (23)

  1. Intense gravitational forces, sir.
  2. All sensor equipment malfunctional.
  3. Yes, sir.
  4. We're still working on them, sir.
  5. Link up positive.
  6. All output link ups completed, sir.
  7. It checks out.Computer confirms there are nine planets revolving around that sun.
  8. Come in, Earth. Moonbase Alpha calling Earth. Moonbase Alpha calling Earth. Come in, Earth.
  9. We're not receiving you, Earth. Possibly you can hear me. Computer forecasts that we shall re-enter Earth orbit in forty five hours.
  10. But we're getting no response to our signals - something's wrong.
  11. Still no contact, Commander.
  12. Yes sir.
  13. Nothing, sir.
  14. Commander Koenig. Emergency. Main Mission.
  15. The scanners have just picked it up, sir.
  16. Seems we've found another Moon.
  17. E T A twenty two hundred hours, Earth time.
  18. Good luck, Alan.
  19. Commander Koenig.
  20. There was a terrible phenomenon. Like comets fighting in the sky. Regina was affected by it. Six days later she was dead.
  21. Hardly a coincidence.
  22. Commander Koenig. Bring your people down here and what happened to Regina, to Helena, will happen to all of us.
  23. Go back to your own place. There's nothing for any of you down here. Except destruction.

Missing Link (26)

  1. Alpha to Eagle One. Come in, One. Alpha to Eagle One. Come in, One.
  2. Returning?
  3. Heard, but not understood.
  4. Alpha to Eagle One. Come in, One.
  5. Alpha to Eagle One. Come in, One!
  6. Alpha to Eagle One. Come in, One.
  7. Medical Centre. Report on their physical position please.
  8. Doctor Russell. Get a Medical Team over to Launch Pad Seven.
  9. Nothing, Doctor. But their communications systems are working now. We may hear from them at any moment. How's the Commander?
  10. Commander Koenig?
  11. Are you alright?
  12. Do what you can, Alan. The Rescue Unit's on its way. We'll have you home in no time.
  13. Doctor Russell.
  14. We've heard from Carter. Commander Koenig's alive, but badly hurt.
  15. Yes, Alan. Go ahead.
  16. Affirmative.
  17. Alright, Alan.
  18. When they've secured the module I'll take over from here.
  19. You just keep your fingers crossed.
  20. Alpha to Eagle Seven. All secured. Alan, hang on.
  21. Ready for pick up. Countdown..ten
  22. That's enough, Kano.
  23. I said that's enough. You alright, June?Don't you ever do that again.
  24. Right now I'm off duty. So are you!
  25. Everyone back to their stations.
  26. No one's being callous, just realistic. The entire base is pulling for the Commander to make it. But you can see the effect it's having on people. Kano losing his temper.Me as well. The security men have broken up three brawls already.

Guardian Of Piri (15)

  1. Confirm final descent now, Pete?
  2. Or Computer made a bad mistake.
  3. Check the figures, Kano.
  4. Did you get that, Pete?
  5. All transmissions ceased.
  6. Down the line, Alan. You're right on it.
  7. Okay. Good luck.
  8. Go ahead, Alan.
  9. Not a whisper.
  10. Best of both worlds. Professor Bergman..
  11. We're all so happy.
  12. We're happy!
  13. There's Koenig!
  14. There's no place on Piri for you, Koenig.
  15. Ignition.

Force Of Life (18)

  1. It's still not registering, Commander.
  2. Commander. Security Alert in the Generating Section. Generating Area. This is Main Mission. Report please.
  3. Technician Zoref. Report your situation. Technician Zoref. Report your situation.
  4. Attention all sections Alpha. Here is a special announcement, effective immediately. Access to the Generating Area is forbidden. Until further notice.
  5. You mean shut down the reactors?
  6. Oh, that would take a matter of seconds, but..
  7. Well, in twenty minutes all our sick in the Intensive Care Unit will die. Thirty minutes, our ..recycling plants will be ..damaged beyond repair. At forty our oxygen will give out.
  8. Main Mission to Generating Area Three. Full alert. Do not approach technician Zoref.
  9. Where?
  10. Attention F section personnel.
  11. Technician Zoref is now somewhere in your area. You are warned to avoid contact.
  12. Cutting power now, Commander.Cut it.
  13. All power's been cut. Commander's orders.
  14. Commander Koenig.
  15. Our people are starting to die. In a few minutes it will be too late. I request permission to restore power immediately.
  16. Yes, Commander.
  17. Already activated.
  18. All sections Alpha, report your damage.

Alpha Child (23)

  1. We made it!
  2. It's a boy! I knew it!
  3. It'd be a boy!
  4. Never!
  5. Come on. Life here's not that abnormal. We eat, sleep, drink, even breathe air of a kind. Possibly there's something specific about this particular case.
  6. Ready for landing, Eagle One?Well done. Enjoy your flight, Commander? Splendid uniform you've got. He's cute, isn't he?Have a look at this.Commander Koenig. We've a visitor.
  7. Our new Commander, I think!
  8. Commander?
  9. Will you come to Main Mission, please?
  10. Scanners picked up something heading straight for us.
  11. It's heading for the North Quadrant.
  12. They could blast us at any moment without warning, if they wanted to.
  13. Which ever way you look at it, their behaviour is suspicious.
  14. Alan's very close, Commander. I think we should make the first move.
  15. Better be safe than sorry.
  16. Maybe they've got just what they want by keeping quiet. But Commander, we're wide open.
  17. No I.
  18. Commander. Three more spaceships approaching Alpha.
  19. They've knocked out all our cameras, Commander.
  20. Cameras operating again, sir.
  21. What else can we do?
  22. What's the problem, Commander?
  23. There could be more. I'll take care here.

The Last Sunset (52)

  1. Heat shields at maximum. Stand by to fire your retros in...thirty seconds.
  2. Technical Area sealed off and ventilated.
  3. Pressure in the Technical Area was up to eighty before we could activate the airlocks. It couldn't get out fast enough.
  4. Confirm airlock pressure equalised with atmosphere.
  5. I feel fine!
  6. Smells very good.
  7. country air!
  8. Not exactly home.
  9. It makes you look at things in a different light.
  10. No, more than that. If this is the end of one life, we have to start to build a new one, to live like human beings again.
  11. Bird song?
  12. In there, cooped up,
  13. there are thoughts we just can't allow ourselves to think.
  14. Tomorrow we'll build the New Alpha.
  15. Nice heavy rain cloud forming over the Taurus mountains.
  16. Hm.
  17. How you feeling back there?
  18. We're losing power!
  19. Main Boosters. Malfunction.
  20. Back up power.Malfunction.
  21. The lightning. It must have blown out every circuit in the ship.
  22. Come on, then.
  23. Dust! Are you alright?
  24. Some camouflage, eh?
  25. Let's get this gear outside. We've got to start making some kind of marker.
  26. She'll die out here. A hundred and twenty degrees by day and freezing by night.
  27. Noone reckoned on you for flying into a cloud bank for your kicks.
  28. Make that three.
  29. There must be something we can do?
  30. You're getting better. You're going to be all right.
  31. We will. We will.
  32. Ssh. Ssh. I'll find you some more to drink.Here.
  33. Yes, it's rained.
  34. Home. The new city of Alpha. You'll be cooler up here when the sun's up. It gets whatever breeze is going.
  35. We've found our home. We're the first Earthmen. This is our Garden of Eden.
  36. Breakfast?
  37. Manna. Food from heaven. Or perhaps from the people on the planet Ariel, if you prefer.
  38. Over there. Under the rocks. It's growing like mushrooms.
  39. But I've already tested it.
  40. Not yet. We were waiting until you joined us. The change in Sandra's condition is born of hope. But man should not live by hope alone.
  41. The way I see it is, it's no accident that the moment I lie down to die, this stuff literally appears in front of my nose. Look, it could be months before they find us out here. Every time we clear a signal area the dust covers it up again. Maybe we'll never even see another Eagle. Yesterday we were dying without hope. Today we not only have hope, but sustenance as well.
  42. There's no alternative. We either eat it or die.
  43. How long will that take?
  44. And we shall build farms first. And then will come the roads and the streets, and slowly the community will have a heart, an urban heart of great buildings. It'll be the capital of our new civilisation.
  45. Of course!
  46. We're not going back! We're staying right here to begin our new life! None of this happened by chance. We're given an atmosphere. A freak electrical storm and we're cut off!A freak dust storm and we're buried! We are near to starvation and food is sent from the heavens! Oh no. The people on that planet have a sense of purpose and I believe we have one now. This land will flow with milk and honey. We will build and settle and bring up children; we'll multiply!And like the people of old Peru, who spread the human race across the Pacific in fragile rafts, so we will launch forth into space and spread humanity from solar system to solar system.That was sacred, friend Alan. That was sent to us in our time of need!
  47. Pick it up!
  48. You would come between me and my destiny. Noone shall stop me! Noone!
  49. Look, Doctor Russell! The people of the planet Ariel are here again! It is a second coming!
  50. Leave her alone!
  51. I said leave her alone!We have laid the foundation stone of mankind's future, Sandra and I.
  52. Oh, I'm not. It wasn't a bad trip. Except for the ending.

Voyager's Return (26)

  1. We've lost ship to base communication.
  2. Yes. Incredible speed produced by fast neutrons spewed out into space, annihilating everything in their path. You'd survive better standing smack in the middle of a nuclear explosion.
  3. If it comes too close we'll be burnt up. If it-
  4. passes at a distance we'll be polluted by neutron fallout and we'll die anyway. We've got to blast it out of the sky, Commander!
  5. Danger? Even if we climbed into lead caskets under twelve feet of concrete we'd still be burned up!
  6. That ship has to be destroyed!
  7. Emergency crew to launch pad four.
  8. Commander, Eagle One is down.
  9. Still in one piece.
  10. Yes, sir.
  11. He may have changed his name but nothing can change what he did.
  12. That's one more to the score. But I'm thinking of fifteen years ago. The second ship on the programme, Voyager Two. The Queller Drive cut in too soon.
  13. Two hundred people were killed because something went wrong. A whole community wiped out! My father was one of them. I know something went wrong.
  14. Not even to Jim Haines? He lost both his parents because of Queller. He should know who he's working with.
  15. Those ships are following the Voyager.
  16. Commander!
  17. The Voyager's ready for boarding.
  18. Commander?
  19. We're picking up considerable magnetic activity inside Voyager One.
  20. Intensity building rapidly.
  21. By the look of those Sidon ships, I don't think much of our chances.
  22. Seventy five thousand.
  23. Commander! The Voyager! It's taking off!
  24. Signal from Voyager One.
  25. He's cut off!
  26. Screens holding.

Collision Course (82)

  1. Eagle Two Nine
  2. approaching asteroid, Commander. Eagle Ten descending with nuke.
  3. Eagles Ten, Eleven and Twelve have laid their charges and are returning to base, sir.
  4. Time's running out.
  5. We've lost the time line.
  6. Blast now T minus fifteen.
  7. Five. Four.
  8. Three. Two. One.
  9. Eagle One, do you copy? Come in, Eagle One.
  10. Getting them now, sir.
  11. So we just wait for the screens to crack?
  12. Thanks to Alan.
  13. Structural damage in Maintenance Section B four.
  14. Medical section reports fourteen casualties.
  15. No. Conventional injuries only, so far.
  16. Come in, Eagle One.
  17. Alan, can you hear me?
  18. Eagle One, do you copy? Alan, can you hear me?
  19. Commander, we are at risk from radiation here on Alpha. If you fly an Eagle through that radiation cloud..
  20. Pad Two's damaged.
  21. I have four warning lights here. On the secondary systems. But they're minor. I say we disregard them.
  22. Clear to go.
  23. Hello, Eagle One. Hello, Eagle One. Eagle One, do you copy?
  24. Come in, Eagle One. Eagle One, do you copy? Can you give me your last position, Alan? We're on our way to bring you in.
  25. Come in, Eagle One.
  26. Eagle One, do you copy?
  27. Come in, Eagle One. Eagle One, do you copy? Can you hear me?
  28. Alan, this is Paul. We're up here in Eagle Four. Steer us to your position.Alan, this is Paul. Did you get that? Eagle One, do you copy? He's not receieving us.
  29. I haven't got his position yet.
  30. There he is.
  31. Confirmed.
  32. Check. Well done, sir.
  33. How is he?
  34. Commander? Commander, what's wrong? Commander?
  35. Commander.
  36. Why?
  37. Decontamination procedure?
  38. Clean as a whistle.
  39. No radiation. What are we going to do about it?
  40. How about this?
  41. We alter our own trajectory by setting up a blast on the other side of the Moon.
  42. We recreate by design the accident that originally blasted us out of Earth's orbit.
  43. We survived it once.
  44. Isn't that exactly what we're asking for!?
  45. Go on.
  46. We'll bombard that planet with every kind of communication we can devise.
  47. Reconnaissance Eagle ready on Pad Four. Copilot Pierre Daniel is standing by.
  48. Very loud and very clear.
  49. Sandra's data from your on-board computer confirms that. We're receiving it's information and we copy.
  50. Professor Bergman's made his first computation. Looks possible.
  51. Alpha Main Mission, we copy.
  52. Well, Professor. Are you happy?
  53. Then we go ahead.
  54. We read you, Commander.
  55. Punch in long range cameras.
  56. Why doesn't he open fire?
  57. Eagle Four. Come in, Eagle Four. This is Main Mission. Do you copy? Eagle Four, come in.
  58. Well, what do we do?
  59. What can we do?
  60. Operation Shockwave, do we go on with it?
  61. Okay. The planning meeting for Operation Shockwave is brought forward. We'll start it right away in the Commander's office.Keep calling, and if you hear anything -anything at all- let me know.
  62. How much time do we have?
  63. Tanya. Give all cargo carrying Eagles lift off clearance.
  64. There's no need to state the obvious.Main Mission to all Cargo Eagles. Move towards the alien spaceship. Coordinates for the nuclear charges will be transmitted shortly.
  65. We read you, Commander. Are you alright?
  66. Repeat, sir.
  67. Yes, sir.
  68. The charges are in position, Commander. The countdown's underway. It would be madness to stop it. Is that what you want?
  69. Then you are mad.
  70. Commander, it's an open and shut case. We either make some attempt to save ourselves or we die. Anyway, what's so different about this situation to any other danger we've been in?
  71. Then tell us what she's going to do?
  72. You don't know!
  73. But it's absurd..
  74. But you set up Operation Shockwave.
  75. Do we continue with Shockwave?Countdown is six hours and thirty two minutes.
  76. Activate radiation shields to medium power. Technical Section. Seal all launch pads. Evacuate maintenance areas and decompress.
  77. Nuclear charges fused and ready to detonate.
  78. Arming nuclear trigger.
  79. Or death.
  80. Then we'll die for certain.
  81. We're all going to die in a minute. I'll take my chances a few seconds early. Shoot me, if you choose.
  82. Come on. Quick. Get those fires out. Sandra, Kano, keep monitoring. To your posts everyone. Attention all sections Alpha, report your damage. Technical Section, issue damage control equipment to all sections. Medical Section, prepare to receive casualties.

Death's Other Dominion (25)

  1. Commander?
  2. We're transmitting continuously but getting nothing back. Computer says the weather conditions on the surface are terrible.
  3. All the time.
  4. Thank you. Sunrise, Kano.
  5. We must try again. We'll transmit at full power. If they're alive they must be in the Eagle.
  6. I'm beginning to doubt that it does. Even wild geese can't live in conditions like that.
  7. Link up?
  8. Hello Eagle One. Do you hear me?
  9. Eagle One, if you can hear me you must lift off immediately. Icing conditions are worsening.Come in, Eagle One. Alpha calling.
  10. Eagle One, do you copy? Report, Eagle One. Report your situation. Do you hear me, Eagle One? Do you copy, Eagle -
  11. Eagle One, this is Alpha.
  12. Come in, Eagle One, do you copy? Eagle One, do you copy?
  13. Do you read me, Eagle One? Do you copy? Eagle One, this is Alpha. Eagle One, this is Alpha. Eagle One, do you copy?
  14. Come in, Eagle One, do you copy?
  15. Eagle One, this is Alpha.
  16. Eagle One, do you copy? Come in, Eagle One. Alpha calling.
  17. Hello, Eagle One, do you hear me?
  18. Yes, Alan. We copy. Report?
  19. And?
  20. What about the others?
  21. Alan. There's nothing you can do. Return to base.
  22. On top of it.
  23. Commander! Come in, Commander.
  24. Alan.
  25. I hope you're hearing this.

The Full Circle (30)

  1. Come in, Eagle Six. Come in, Eagle Six.
  2. Report your situation.
  3. Main Mission to reconnaissance party. Come in, please.
  4. Come in, Eagle Six, report your situation.
  5. Eagle Six, you are ordered to return to base immediately.
  6. Come in, Eagle Six. Come in, Eagle Six.
  7. Yes, Commander. I can.
  8. Yes, sir.
  9. Eagle one go.
  10. Eagle Two. Go.
  11. I wonder what happened down there.
  12. Do you think they'll find the reconnaissance party.
  13. Looks good, doesn't it, Retha?
  14. Base to Eagle One. Check.
  15. Base to Eagle Two. Check. Eagle Two.
  16. Love to Sandra.
  17. Base to Eagle Two. Check. What's it look like?
  18. Where the nuts come from? Any sign of life?
  19. Keep in touch.
  20. Base to Commander Koenig.Base to Commander Koenig. Come in, please.
  21. Base to Commander Koenig. Come in, please.
  22. Base to Support Party. Come in, please. Base to Support Party. Come in, please.Base to Eagle Two. Come in, please.
  23. Eagle Three. Go.
  24. Good morning Eagle Two. What's the news?
  25. Professor Bergman's coming down with David.
  26. We've heard nothing from the Commander or the Support Party. They'll be with you soon. Sit tight til they get there.
  27. Professor Bergman. Report your situation, please.
  28. I'll chase him up, Professor.
  29. As soon as we have anything we'll let you know.
  30. Any news of Sandra?

End Of Eternity (11)

  1. Latest figures, Commander. We're three light years away from the nearest star system. If the asteroid's come from there, to get this far at its present velocity, it's been travelling in space for at least a thousand years.
  2. Yes, sir.
  3. Commander. Damage reports are coming in. Balor is tearing Alpha apart.
  4. Well, can't we do something?
  5. All our communications hardware in section C is wrecked. There's damage to the labs in the Research Area. Do you want me to go on?
  6. Last reported heading towards Area B.
  7. You're right. I'll put it through the comlocks.Main Mission to Area B.
  8. Yes, sir.
  9. Check, Commander.
  10. Door.
  11. Are you alright, Commander?

War Games (30)

  1. Nothing at all.
  2. This is Moonbase Alpha calling on all frequencies.
  3. This is Moonbase Alpha calling on all frequencies. We are people from the planet Earth. Please acknowledge.
  4. This is Moonbase Alpha. We are people from the planet Earth. Please acknowledge.
  5. There's still no reply, Commander.
  6. Nothing.
  7. Good on you, Alan.
  8. On the lifts now, Commander.
  9. Yeah.
  10. Damage control units to pad four. Explosive decompression in the end section. Area sealed off.
  11. I've lost contact with Alan.
  12. The lift's still jammed.
  13. Survivors?
  14. The least badly damaged will take a minimum of four weeks to repair.
  15. I don't think you..
  16. This is Moonbase Alpha calling on all frequencies. Please acknowledge. this ship now approaching your planet is unarmed. Our Commander, John Koenig, requests permission to meet, and to discuss our situation with your leaders. We ask for mercy to be shown to the survivors of this base.This is Moonbase Alpha calling on all frequencies. Please acknowledge.
  17. The ship now approaching your planet is unarmed.
  18. Please acknowledge.
  19. We ask for mercy to be shown to the survivors of this base.
  20. Still nothing, Commander. Maybe they're a race of deaf mutes.
  21. No.
  22. Launch Pads One and Five are operational. At least enough to get the Eagles away. If that's what we want to do.
  23. All personnel should proceed to the Technical Section where the Eagles are now loading. Close down of all services in the Residence Section will begin in fifteen minutes.All equipment in Maintenance Five should be taken..
  24. Commander, we read you.
  25. Quiet, please!
  26. The last Eagle's ready for lift off.They're just waiting for us. You have three minutes, Professor.
  27. A penny for them?
  28. Yes, Commander. We read you.
  29. Turn back?!
  30. Nothing.

The Last Enemy (39)

  1. All defence systems activated, Commander.
  2. Nothing yet. No response at all. I've tried all frequencies. Still no contact.
  3. Eagle Five hold.
  4. Eagle Two hold.
  5. Hold, Eagle One.That's it, Alan. All Eagles ready for lift off.
  6. I can't get lift off.
  7. Base to Eagle. Stand by for controlled lift off.
  8. Trying again, Alan.
  9. Base to Eagle Two. Stand by for controlled lift off.
  10. Base to all Eagles. Stand by for controlled lift off.
  11. No go. We can't get them off.
  12. It's out of my control.
  13. Yes, sir.
  14. No, sir, they're not.
  15. Commander! Missile attack, from the planet on the right.
  16. Main Mission to all sections Alpha. All nonessential personnel to the deep shelters.All Eagles to bunkers.
  17. Base to Eagle One. We read you. Come in, Eagle One.
  18. Are you alright?
  19. Seems to be. For the moment.
  20. Eagle One, prepare for life off.
  21. Base to Eagle One. Pull out, Alan.
  22. Pull out.
  23. No.
  24. Main Mission to Security. Three personnel to Launch Pad Ten.
  25. What is it, Alan?
  26. Well, isn't it?
  27. So there was one survivor. What's so bad about that?
  28. Shall I launch the Eagles, Commander?
  29. Commander.
  30. Yes sir.
  31. Missiles, from Betha!
  32. They've destroyed the Deltan gunship. Direct hit.
  33. Commander, look!
  34. Missiles from Delta! On target for Alpha!
  35. Main Mission to Technical. Stand by for instructions.
  36. Missile from Delta. On target from Alpha.
  37. Minutes.
  38. Signal.....acknowledged.
  39. Evacuation procedure negative, sir. Situation...normal.

The Troubled Spirit (5)

  1. Momentary drop in temperature recorded in all Alpha sections.
  2. We've no idea what caused it. All we know is it originated in the section you're in.
  3. We've checked. There's been no reoccurrance anywhere on Alpha. Whatever happened was sudden and swift.
  4. Commander. Most of us here are scientists. Rational human beings. Now we believe in the laws of cause and effect. Now what happened to Warren was an effect. But can we really accept that the cause was supernatural?
  5. But it's a totally esoteric supposition.

Space Brain (22)

  1. Lucky you.
  2. Time we had a new world.
  3. Goodnight.
  4. It's coming in on every channel.
  5. Meteorite!
  6. Activated.
  7. Nothing so far, Commander. They've just disappeared. No radar trace. No radio signals. It's as if Wayland's Eagle..vaporised.
  8. Receiving you, Eagle Four.
  9. No fault registering, Alan.
  10. So. We can't change course. What next?
  11. One hour thirty five, Commander.
  12. Remote controlled heading back for Alpha.
  13. Approximately..half way between the Moon and the brain.
  14. Yes, sir.
  15. Commander! Trouble!There's a fault on the onboard computer!
  16. Everything's gone dead. Which means it's locked on a course which will bring it down right in the centre of Moonbase Alpha. Where it will explode.
  17. You're running out of time, Commander.
  18. Good luck.
  19. Glad to see you, Commander.
  20. D checked and functional.
  21. Right.
  22. Transfer readout!

Mission Of The Darians (11)

  1. We're picking up life signs, Commander.
  2. Yes. Let's see how far we can get.
  3. Yeah. Let's go back.
  4. Come on. There's noone here.
  5. Wher...Which way? There?There?
  6. No. Will you show us? We need your help. Please? We'll protect you.
  7. On stun, you might hit her.
  8. Commander! Professor!
  9. They've got Helena. She's around here somewhere.
  10. Lowry's dead.
  11. I don't know. We got separated back there. Now Helena has to be this way.

Dragon's Domain (6)

  1. Commander, we have a contact. Could you come to Main Mission please?
  2. I've scanned the whole area. There's nothing.
  3. Commander?
  4. Yes sir.
  5. He's nearing the spaceship now, Commander. He's running about six minutes ahead of you.
  6. Still nothing indicated, Commander.

The Testament Of Arkadia (35)

  1. Commander.
  2. Emergency.
  3. We're slowing down.
  4. Alpha's feeling the effect of the power loss, Commander. A kind of, ah, huh, creeping paralysis. So far only the long range systems are affected. But it's getting worse.
  5. Activate Phase Three power cuts, Sandra.
  6. This is Controller Paul Morrow. Attention please. Phase Four power reductions are now operative.
  7. Until further notice, Travel Tube facilities between sections One to Five are suspended. Heating will be automatically reset to number four, and lighting systems to half power.
  8. Sandra. Allocate Medical Section four extra units.
  9. And reduce heating in here by four units.
  10. Phase Six power cuts now operative.Heating now automatically reduced to number two.And that includes Medical.
  11. All experimental sections are closing down.Travel Tube facilities throughout Alpha will cease. Effective immediately.
  12. There's nothing I can do, doctor.
  13. And I'm telling you there's no way I can give you that power back.
  14. If these temperature drops continue none of us will survive!
  15. We have you, Eagle One.
  16. Desperate. Fifty per cent power loss.
  17. Stand by for an important announcement.
  18. We are putting Phase One of Operation Exodus-
  19. Check computer.Commander.
  20. The power. It seems to be stabilising.
  21. We're not losing any more power.
  22. The power's holding. Commander, do we still evacuate?
  23. Bad. But with this situation what can you expect?
  24. Planet?
  25. Right.
  26. Technical and Service Sections at Landing Bases may stand down. Security Alert to Reconnaissance Patrol to the Launch Pad no longer operative. Main Mission to all sections Alpha. Operation Exodus is cancelled. Repeat, cancelled. Personnel are instructed to report for normal duties.
  27. The supplies are aboard the Eagle.
  28. Survey Eagle. Clear to lift off.
  29. Commander?
  30. We've tracked them on optical. They're just about to go into orbit round the planet.
  31. We'll have voice contact with Carter in a few seconds, Commander.
  32. So you put a trace on him.
  33. Pursuit Eagle Three and Five ready for launch, Commander.
  34. We're moving.
  35. But the supplies?

Copyright Martin Willey